What I’m Loving Lately

IMG_5853.JPGIMG_5854.JPGIMG_5855.JPGIMG_5857.JPGOkay, I have some GREAT, new things that I just HAD to share with ya’ll!

First off, I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but the mosquitoes get really aggressive here in Louisiana.  Rourke and I love sitting on our patio and have yet to find an effective product until now.


It is called Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, and it only costs around TWENTY BUCKS!  CRAZY, crazy, I know. It comes with two tubes that cover 1 acre for 3 months.  It attracts the little beasts, kills them and keeps them from reproducing!

So far, we haven’t had anything but wasps and gnats.  Those I can handle.

As far as listening to something on my way to and from work, I am obsessed with The Goop podcasts.  My favorite one so far is “Resetting Hormones”.  And, the first podcast aired, where Gweneth Paltrow interviewed Oprah, was very interesting.  I’m not saying I agree with everything that was said, but, like I said, I found it very interesting.  My latest I am listening to but have yet to finished is “Could Changing Your Diet Heal Autoimmune Disease?”


Also, if you are an Elton John fan like we are, you have got to check out Elton John Revamped on iTunes or Amazon.  It’s a compilation of a lot of his hits redone by famous artists, from Coldplay to Lady Gaga.  Rourke and I have been digging it!51SoHh1L4WL._SS500_PIPJStripe-Robin-Large-V2,TopLeft,0,0

As far as my latest reads,  I have read Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose (post coming soon), non-fiction, and Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Roa, fiction.  I am still reading the latter but can’t put it down.


As far as movies,  we haven’t gone to any lately.  But, we did rent a good one that didn’t get much pub.  It stars Tom Cruise, is based on a true story, and was shot in Louisiana.  Check it out!  It’s call American Made.


My latest gadget I am so excited to use (when I have a free weekend, that is) is my new tortilla press.  I am hoping to master the tortilla and all that it entails.61DArxCrFWL._SX425_

Speaking of food, have ya’ll tried “Golden Nugget” mandarin oranges.  They are far from pretty but make up for it in taste.  They are so sweet!IMG_5851.JPGIMG_5849.JPG

If you missed my post on my favorite natural deodorant, I just ordered the same deodorant but in Agent Nateur + Shiva Rose (Yes, the same author of the book I just read above, just realizing)!  It has a subtle rose scent that does not overwhelm.  I feel so feminine wearing it.fullsizeoutput_2303.jpegfullsizeoutput_2304.jpeg

Also, in the beauty area, I have been loving the Sally Hanson’s gel nail combo in “Sheer Happiness” .  The name says it all.  It is a very subtle color, goes with everything and is forgiving if you finally do get a chip.  Because this stuff stays on!!  In fact, it took me longer to take off than to paint on.  I finally had to soak cotton balls in polish remover and place on each nail for a minute or two.  Then it eventually came off.fullsizeoutput_2306.jpegfullsizeoutput_2309.jpeg

In accessories, I am adoring the new Sugarfix by Baublebar earrings offered at Target lately.  They are sooo fun! And, very affordable!!

As far as the Coola Self-Tanner Applicator/Exfoliator Mitt…..The applicator side is still rock-n-rolling, but the exfoliating side is starting to tear a bit.  I have been using these gloves or an exfoliator product instead.  I like them because I can use both hands at one time.

What are you loving lately?

I hope you have a super, great week!



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