Going Green…Gradually

IMG_5861.JPGIn honor of Earth Day on Sunday, I thought we would talk all things “Eco-friendly.”

I was reading about this lady in my latest Martha Stewart Magazine.  Her name is Lauren Singer, and she committed to living a zero-waste lifestyle five years ago.  She eliminated single-use disposables and eliminated all the waste she could. Her single year’s waste could fit in a quart-sized Mason jar.  You can follow her blog, Trash Is For Tossers.  She even has an online store for purchasing Earth-friendly wares.

Okay, that’s a little too extreme for me, but it got me thinking.  Apparently, the average American generates 5.7 pounds of waste per day.  That’s 2,160 pounds of trash per person every year.  For an average family of four, that adds up to 8,640 pounds per year!IMG_5692

I though I would start small.  So, I ordered these bamboo fork/spoon/knife/chopstick sets to keep in my purse. I have been using them for about a month now.  They are great!  They don’t absorb flavors from meal to meal and are easy to clean.IMG_5698.JPG

I also traded out my Yeti for this glass water jug.  I like that the water does not spill easily like the Yeti, and I also like the handle for carrying. It comes in several bright colors, too.  I ordered these brushes to clean it.IMG_5695.JPG

Some of my next ways I am planning on adopting in the future is composting.  I am planning on ordering this composting bucket next.  We did this a few years ago and got lazy about it.  But, I need to start getting serious about this affordable and efficacious fertilizing option


I also want to invest in one of these rain barrels with a spigot.  Our local Mexican restaurant uses this along with many other sustainable practices.  It just makes sense.  And, just think how we will be shrinking out water bill.60+Gallon+Rain+Barrel

I am also going to eventually buy this set of produce bags.  Lauren encourages you let your produce get to know each other in one bag, instead of all of those unnecessary individual plastic bags.  I like my things separated for storage purposes, so I like this set better.  It’s all personal preferences.91hvNDtP+kL._SX425_.jpg

Besides reducing, reusing and recycling, every month I aim to do one thing to reduce waste in our household.  I know it won’t make a huge difference, but it will give me peace of mind knowing I am doing SOMETHING.



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