Dog Sitting In Dallas

IMG_6253.JPGSo we had the opportunity to dog sit Hayley’s dog, Pope.  Who, by the way, is Pope in this town!  We took him to several venues, and you would have thought Elvis was in the house!  Chic-magnet, I say!!!


We started our journey at Uchi.  I have been wanting to eat here forever and never can seem to get reservations because of its popularity.  Finally, I got us a table for two, and it was everything I had envisioned.  If you are a sushi fan, this place is for you!  It is the freshest seafood I have ever eaten.  Amazing flavors and tastes!!  If you are not a sushi fan, there are many more Japanese options.  Speaking of Japanese, they fly their fish in daily from JAPAN!IMG_6206.JPGThe patio we waited for our table. They will serve you drinks, cocktails, and COMPLIMENTARY APPETIZERS while you wait!IMG_6207.JPGIMG_6208.JPGIMG_6209.JPGIs he contemplating how much sushi he’s going to eat or how much money this is going to set him back?  Hmmmm…Our meal and server were amazing!!

I had been wanting to try the Dallas Farmer’s Market for awhile now.  The weather was perfect, so we put Mr. P in the car and hit the road.  We had some traffic and parking problems prior to arrival but so worth it!IMG_6223.JPGIMG_6224.JPGIMG_6225.JPGIMG_6226.JPGOf course, we had to hit The Snackin’ Waggin for a treat!!!IMG_6229.JPGIMG_6230.JPGIMG_6231.JPGIMG_6235.JPGHe definitely enjoyed this little excursion!  But, he does think he is bigger than he really is…  We happened upon a very, large breed of dog, and he went to town barking and growling at him. I’d never heard him make a sound before.  With much locking down on the retractable leash, I said, “Buddy, you do realize you are barking up the wrong tree, right?”IMG_6236.JPGLots of samples to enjoy!IMG_6249.JPGLive music!IMG_6238.JPGShopping and great bites!IMG_6239.JPGIMG_6240.JPGIMG_6241.JPGIMG_6242.JPGIMG_6244.JPGIMG_6246.JPGAnd the most beautiful plants!!  I could have spent a paycheck here!IMG_6215.JPGIMG_6217.JPGIMG_6220.JPGIMG_6222.JPGNext we took Pope home for a siesta (us, too)!  Then, headed to Highland Park Village!  I am so a GOOP freak and had heard they had a pop-up store there.  So, Rourke indulged me as long as I treated him to some Mi Cocina!  (One of his faves!  He always orders the “Mambo Taxi” FYI).IMG_6255.JPGIMG_6256.JPGIMG_6257.JPGIMG_6258.JPGIMG_6259.JPGIMG_6260.JPGIMG_6261.JPGIMG_6262.JPGIMG_6263.JPGIMG_6264.JPGIMG_6265.JPGIMG_6266.JPGIMG_6267.JPGIMG_6268.JPGIMG_6273.JPGIMG_6270.JPGNow if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you could do some serious damage here!IMG_6269.JPGIMG_6271.JPGIMG_6272.JPGI did minimal damage at GOOP and Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s southern charm store).IMG_6277.JPGIMG_6278.JPGFor dinner, we took an Uber to Sachet.  It’s a Mediterranean restaurant, open air, very similar to Shaya in New Orleans.  Our server and sommelier were superb!!IMG_6279.JPGIMG_6280.JPGIMG_6281.JPGIMG_6282.JPGIMG_6283.JPGIMG_6284.JPGIMG_6285.JPGThe best bread from a brick oven!IMG_6286.JPGIMG_6287.JPGIMG_6288.JPGOur first Lebanese wine!  Really good!IMG_6290.JPGBeet hummus with no chickpeas!  With hot pita bread from the brick oven, also!IMG_6291.JPGIMG_6292.JPGBurrata, radish, cucumber and crouton salad.IMG_6293.JPGThis was AMAZING!! Homemade pastas….chose the gnocchi!IMG_6296.JPGIMG_6294.JPGRourke chose the pork and potatoes!  He agreed all was delish!

Our last morning, after making coffee and taking Pope for a walk (squirrel-chasing required), we headed to the Bishop Arts District to meet Erin and his girlfriend, Tyler, for brunch before heading out of town.  What a cute area!!  Shoppes and restaurants galore, with a funky edge!  Except where we ate brunch. Keep reading….IMG_6305.JPGIMG_6297.JPGIMG_6298.JPGIMG_6299.JPGIMG_6301.JPGIMG_6302.JPGIMG_6303.JPGIMG_6304.JPGIMG_6311.JPGIMG_6319.JPGIMG_6318.JPGIMG_6320.JPGIMG_6321.JPGIMG_6322.JPGIMG_6324.JPGIMG_6325.JPGIMG_6328.JPGIMG_6344.JPGIMG_6329.JPGIMG_6334.JPGIMG_6332.JPGIMG_6338.JPGIMG_6341.JPGIMG_6349.JPGIMG_6347.JPGIMG_6357.JPGIMG_6358.JPGIMG_6359.JPGLoving my shirt from Draper James???? IMG_6348.JPGSo, Rourke says, “Of all the funky, cool places to eat here, you had to pick the white table cloth one?”

Ugh, yes.  (He really did enjoy Hattie’s after all the complaining!)IMG_6360.JPGIMG_6362.JPGIMG_6363.JPGIMG_6365.JPGIntroducing Tyler, Erin’s gal! Cutie!  And a Lilly fan, too!IMG_6366.JPGIMG_6367.JPGIMG_6369.JPGIMG_6370.JPGIMG_6371.JPGIMG_6374.JPGAs we rolled our way out of the restaurant, curly tail tucked between our legs, we popped into a few shops and regrettably headed slowly to the car, reminiscing of our fun getaway to Dallas for some dog sitting and much more!!



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