Street-style Workout Outfit

IMG_6400.JPGKoral is one of my new favorite workout brands. I love their modern mesh day-to-night styles that are effortless and light-weight.  They breathe so well!

And talk about comfortable!  I can actually wear these pants out at night dressing them up with heels and a dressy top!  Crazy, I know, but this brand advertises their brand to actually do this!!

Or, they offer jackets that you can pair with this top and wear with jeans and a slide-on sneaker!IMG_6402.JPGIMG_6403.JPGIMG_6404.JPGAnd let’s talk about my shoes… love these Brooks I just got!  They are so comfortable and supportive!IMG_6413.JPG

Check out this yoga mat bag with all the pockets…IMG_6405.JPGIMG_6406.JPGIMG_6408.JPGIMG_6409.JPGIMG_6410.JPGIMG_6411.JPGIMG_6412.JPG

If you want a stylish new workout outfit that you can wear day-to-night, try Koral brand! Sign up for their emails and you get an extra 15% off your first order.



Outfit details: Big Max bar 1 L Pink Glass Water Bottle //Aerate Netz Tank in Black//Lustrous High Rise Legging//Levitate Road Running Shoe//Flite XT Zero Swiftwick socks//Yoga Mat//Go Light Mat Carrier



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