Lavish Libations Series: Saturday Night Fever (and our version of 7and7)


So we decided to branch out and do our own thang and watch a movie and make a drink of our choice this time. 

We chose Saturday Night Fever, cuz we had the FEVAH!  And, when choosing the drink, we asked, “What would Tony drink?”  And, of course, he always ordered “Seven and Sevens”!

We had to put our own twist on it and make it more like a Sonic Cherry Limeade with a Kick!


For one drink:

2 ounces Seagram’s Seven

1/2 ounce grenadine syrup

1 maraschino cherry

Sprite or 7up

Sonic ice

Fill vessel with Sonic ice.  Pour Seagram’s and grenadine syrup into vessel.  Top with soda.  Place a cherry in vessel for garnish and yumminess!

IMG_6602.JPGFor the movie…..

In the city of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Maneiro is a word used to mean “cool,” taken from the character Tony Manero, John Travolta’s character.

More than 40 percent of the cast made their debut in this film, including John Travolta’s real mother and his real sister.  His mom played the paint lady, and his sister played the pizza girl.

Filming was almost interrupted when local mafia threatened to stop production, asking for a bribe to continue.  In fact, the actual disco was hit by a firebomb during shooting.

To throw off John Travolta’s fans, the director would shoot the movie at dawn and would print off fake shooting schedules.

John Travolta ran two miles a day and danced for three hours daily to get in shape for this movie, dropping 20 pounds.

The white polyester suit worn by John Travolta in the film sold for $145,000 to Gene Siskel, movie critic.  Siskel claimed it was one of his favorite films.

The soundtrack from the movie sold over 20 million copies and was the top-selling album until Michael Jackson’s Thriller was introduced.  As of today, it has sold 40 million copies.

The soundtrack sold over 30 million copies and won 1978 Grammy for Album of the year.

Night fever, night fever!!

Makes me want to listen to some Bee Gees!IMG_6599.JPGIMG_6598.JPG

Details:  movie//disco ball vessels//cocktail napkins




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