fullsizeoutput_2d22.jpegRemember the Froze’ craze?  Well, let me introduce you to newest frozen wine on the block, FREISLING!!!

You can make this Sunday night and freeze for Memorial Day and enjoy by the lake or pool!  So YUMMY!

Just puree your favorite fruit with a cup of your favorite Riesling, a little sweetener  and freeze!  That simple!fullsizeoutput_2d10.jpegI chose strawberries and Fess Parker’s Reisling.fullsizeoutput_2d11.jpegCut off tops of strawberries and slice into fourths into a blender.  Add 1 cup of Reisling and puree.fullsizeoutput_2d12.jpegAdd remaining Reisling, 3/4 cup of light agave syrup and pour into a zip-style plastic bag.  Freeze until slushy.  Pour into your favorite vessel and enjoy this refreshing summer drink!

Serve into a pretty glass or cup if poolside and garnish with blueberries and strawberries!fullsizeoutput_2d1d.jpegfullsizeoutput_2d1e.jpegRecipe:

(Serves 5-6)

1 750 ml bottle of riesling

3/4 cup light agave syrup

1 cup strawberries, roughly sliced


Put strawberries and 1 cup of the riesling into a blender.  Puree.  Add remaining riesling and agave syrup.

Place into a zip-style bag and freeze overnight.

To serve, scoop out into cups or glasses of choice.  Garnish and enjoy!


Thank you men and women of our country that have sacrificed and served for our country and the freedoms we have today!  We honor you!!



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