Our Latest Protein Purchases


Doesn’t that look scrumptious?  Well, it was actually.  Recipe to follow.

Rourke and I are trying to eat more organically and with sustainability.  

We belonged to a food co-op in the past where we would get our organic foods bi-weekly. But, unfortunately, the owner tired of it and stopped the co-op.

So now we are forced to shop at our local grocers.  Locally, organic produce is not a problem, but organic and sustainable meat choices are.

It is hard to shop, especially, when you are working full-time, at different stores to find different options.  We just did not have the time or energy.

So, we got online to see if there were any delivery services that offered what we were looking for….

And, we found two great options.  And, we LOVE them!!

For seafood, we found Vital Choice.  You can pick all the wild seafood you want, frozen, canned and pouched.  They also have fish oils along with other products.  They claim to be organic and sustainable.

IMG_6756.JPGWe are trying to eat fish 2-3 times a week, especially fish with omega-3 benefits.  I chose to order wild Alaskan salmon and wild Alaskan halibut.

They have monthly box subscription packages you can choose from or you can just order directly like we did this time.IMG_6767.JPGIMG_6761.JPGIMG_6763.JPGIMG_6764.JPGIMG_6765.JPGI just popped these individually-wrapped fillets in the freezer.  I will take two out when we get home and place in a bowl of luke-warm water to defrost.  We will have the best dinners right in our own home.IMG_7139IMG_7138

Recipe coming soon! (Except I actually bought these fillets from Whole Foods before we received our box!)

Next order, I think I will try scallops and shrimp or even maybe the pouched fish for lunches.IMG_7070.JPG

For chicken, beef and pork, we found Butcher Box.  You can select a mixed box of pork, chicken and beef or combinations of the three.  You can even customize your box.  They have a monthly and bi-monthly delivery for $129.  It averages about $6/day for a family of four.

Rourke and I chose the chicken and beef box coming every other month.  I will probably supplement the in-between months with the customized box, which is $149.

The beef is grass-fed and all of the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics.  The chicken is organic and free-range.

IMG_7071.JPGThe chicken and beef bi-monthly box is full of surprises.  It is kind of exciting to see what they include in the box.

You can see from our packing list what we got.  They have an offer now that includes a heritage breed pork bacon in your first order.  As you can see, we got that little pot of gold in our box, too.

So we received 2 strip steaks, 12 boneless chicken thighs, 2 tenderloin steaks, 6 chicken breasts, 1 pound of bacon and 2 pounds of ground beef.IMG_7073.JPGIMG_7074.JPGIMG_7075.JPGIMG_7076.JPGIMG_7078.JPGIMG_7079.JPGIMG_7080.JPG

The night we received our first box, it was like Christmas.  What was inside??

We threw everything immediately in the freezer but kept out one package of chicken thighs.  We made this recipe, pictures at very top and below.  IMG_7090IMG_7093.JPG

Do you have secrets to eating organically and with sustainability?  Would love for you to share!



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