Little Rock Rocks!


Rourke and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Arkansas’ capital of Little Rock.  Can I first say ya’ll that the people there are SO DOGGONE NICE!!!!!

Everybody we met was so very friendly and hospitable.  We never met a stranger and everyone made us feel right at home.IMG_6153.JPGWe stayed at the full-service Marriott downtown on the river.  It was nice, but right across the street is the remodeled Capital Hotel that I hope to stay on our next visit.IMG_6151.JPGIMG_6154.JPGWe did have drinks at one of their two restaurants, Capital Bar & Grill.  Their adjacent restaurant is more high-end, One Eleven.  Next time!IMG_6914.JPGIMG_6916.JPGIMG_6917.JPGIMG_6919IMG_6918.JPGTheir downtown area is so clean and safe for walking.  It is chock-full of food options, too.  We read about Samantha’s and decided on dinner there.IMG_6923.JPGWe started with the wood-fired grilled artichokes with lemon aioli.IMG_6924.JPGAs you can see they were quite a hit!IMG_6928.JPGRourke ordered the Cuban….IMG_6929.JPGAnd I ordered the fish tacos.  They have a great wine list, too!IMG_6931.JPGFor dessert, we caught an Uber to this cute bakery that dates back to 1947.  IMG_6936.JPGI want to say Little Rock also did the right thing as far as their downtown goes.  Apparently, there was a time when it was not safe to go downtown.  But they redid their streets and riverfront area.  Soon, it was safe, clean and a great place to visit.IMG_6948.JPGThey have a streetcar that takes you all around downtown.IMG_6962.JPGThey have an awesome market area with lots of food options and a weekly farmer’s market.IMG_6961.JPGThey even have rentals to take advantage of the scenic riverfront.IMG_6969.JPGThere is science museum a lot similar to our Shreveport’s Sci-Port.IMG_6970.JPGThere is a nature center.IMG_6975.JPGThere is the Bill Clinton Library and Museum.IMG_6972.JPGIMG_6973.JPGAnd, a walking/running path…IMG_6977.JPGIMG_6978.JPGWith a walking bridge across the river to North Little Rock.  I ran this whole area twice and felt very safe!IMG_6187.JPG

We also ventured out of downtown.  We discovered this super-cute, charming restaurant not far from downtown by recommendation.

Southern Table’s chef, Margie, makes everything from scratch.  The cheese, the bread, pickles, jams, everything.  She actually owns a winery in California and proudly serves her wine, too.  She did her culinary training in Europe, and boy did it pay off.

She co-owns the restaurant with Al, who I could tell right off the bat, was from south Louisiana.  He is actually from Lafayette.  He remodeled this 60’s car dealership and made it just adorable.IMG_6190.JPGIMG_6191.JPGIMG_6193.JPGIMG_6195.JPGIMG_6196.JPGIMG_6197.JPGWe started with the seafood dip. Yum!IMG_6198.JPGRourke ordered the shrimp orzo salad. How beautiful!IMG_6202.JPGI ordered the duck bruschetta.  Superb!

You must visit this place!! IMG_6155.JPGWe then ventured a bit further from downtown in an unassuming office building to Brave New Restaurant.  It is an elevator ride up, but worth every bit of the ride.IMG_6160.JPGIMG_6162.JPGThe scenery was gorgeous.  We even saw a bald eagle while dining al fresco.IMG_6172.JPGWe started out with a goat cheese souffle.  It was as good as it looks!IMG_6173.JPGI had a salad.IMG_6178.JPGAnd the fish.IMG_6180.JPGRourke had the wild meat sampler.  Everything was presented beautifully and tasted divine!

Another area that we just fell in love with is The Heights.  It is in a suburbia-like setting with tons of great shops and restaurants!IMG_6985.JPGWe thoroughly enjoyed lunching at Boulevard Bread Company.IMG_6991.JPGIMG_6993.JPGIMG_6997.JPGIMG_6998.JPGGreat soups, salads and sandwiches!!IMG_6846.JPGAnother lunch fave is Zaza’s….IMG_6847.JPGIMG_6849.JPGIMG_6858.JPGReally good soups, salads, and brick-oven pizzas!IMG_6854.JPGAnd for a Mexican flare….IMG_6086.JPGWe love the Baja Grill!IMG_6088.JPGIMG_6091.JPGThere tacos were delish!!!

And, for dessert….IMG_6871.JPGLePops has the best popsicles!!!IMG_6872.JPGIMG_6873.JPGAnd….IMG_6119.JPGCupcakes on Kavanaugh had the yummiest cupcakes and cake pops!IMG_6120.JPG As far as shopping goes, The Heights had some unique spots.IMG_6100.JPGBy Invitation Only is an adorable stationery and gift shoppe.  Great personalization options, too.IMG_6108IMG_6110.JPGRight next door is Fresh I. D.  Gorgeous things to purchase for your home or as a gift.IMG_6101.JPGIMG_6111.JPGIMG_6112.JPGIMG_6132.JPGAnother must when visiting LR is to stop into Southern Life.  Great gifts for anybody with a southern theme.IMG_6130.JPGIMG_6129.JPGAnd, for design services, interiors, furniture, lamps, bedding, and more, Cobblestone & Vine is the place to go!  I wanted everything in there!!  Plus, they have not one, but TWO locations!!!IMG_6875.JPGIMG_6877.JPGLook at that bar cart!  IMG_6878IMG_6879.JPGI could have stayed in there for days!

If you get the opportunity to visit Little Rock, you ought to check out some of these awesome places!  It truly is an amazing city with lots to do and see, plus it is home to so many wonderful people!!



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