Kitchen Hacks

IMG_7483.JPGOver the years, I have come to learn a few tricks to make recipes come together better and with less hassle.

I thought I would share twenty that have become tried and true for Rourke and myself.

Tip #1-Garlic skins are my nemesis.  I have found after smashing and removing the skins that using a wet paper towel to collect and put in trash/compost works best.  Otherwise, they fly everywhere and get my hands sticky.

Tip#2-When measuring 1 teaspoon out of spices and the measuring teaspoon won’t fit into the spice container, I use 1/4 measuring teaspoon, measure and count out four times the amount.

Tip #3-When measuring out honey/syrups, spray measuring vessel with non-stick spray, and it will all come out!

Tip #4-To remove an avocado pit safely, I dig a larger cutting knife in the middle of the pit, twist and remove then carry it to the trash and slide it off of the side of the can, pushing it down with my thumb.

Tip #5-Bring eggs, butter, meat and other ingredients to room temperature before cooking with them.  This will aid in cooking everything evenly.IMG_7482.JPG

Tip #6-Cut corn off the cob using a bundt pan.  Place the bottom tip of the cob in the center hole and cut from top to bottom diagonally.  The kernels should fall into the pan.

Tip #7-Buy or pick unripe tomatoes/avocados.  Place on the counter and they will ripen.  For faster ripening, place near apples on the counter.  To slow down the ripening process, place fruit in the refrigerator.

Tip #8-Grate garlic pods into salad dressings using a Microplane.

Tip #9-Rinse onions before using in a salsa or guacamole recipe.  This removes the acid that will ruin your dish.

Tip #10-After opening a bottle of champagne and you haven’t quite finished it, place a stainless steel fork bottom down in the bottle.  This will keep it bubbly.IMG_7481

Tip #11-To remove grease stains from clothes, sprinkle baking soda over the stain and rub in.  This will soak up the stain.  Apply a stain remover before washing.

Tip #12-Another baking soda tip, if you burn your tongue tasting too-hot food, rub a bit of baking soda over the burnt area immediately, and it will take out the burn.

Tip #13-Semi-freeze raw meat to slice thinly.

Tip #14-Microwave citrus fruits 8 seconds before juicing.  You will get more juice from them.

Tip #15-For make-ahead salads, put vegetables, dressings, add-ins (except croutons) in the bottom of your serving bowl.  Top with greens.  Toss (with croutons if using) just before serving to prevent your salad from wilting.

Tip #16-Cook sausage and bacon in the oven at 350 degrees on a baking rack.  Your cleaning up will be much easier and the meat cooks evenly.  Plus your kitchen won’t smell like a grease fire!IMG_7487

Rourke’s grilling tips:

Tip #17-Don’t skimp on cuts of meat.  Always buy prime.

Tip #18-Time your meat carefully.  If recipe says 5 minutes on each side, set a timer and follow it.  You can always cook meat longer if need be.

And, finally…..

Tip #19-Clean as you go!

Tip #20-Cook with great tunes and good glass of wine for a more enjoyable experience!

I hope some of these hone your culinary skills.  Would love to hear any great tips you could share with us!!!IMG_7488.JPG



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Hacks

  1. Melanie!
    You seriously need to have all of your blog posts put in hard back book form!
    One word for you::: #1 BEST SELLER!
    Boy! I learned a lot from today’s post!

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