The Statler Hotel Dallas

IMG_7381.JPGRecently, we had the opportunity of staying at the The Statler Hotel in Dallas for a family reunion of sorts.  We had heard how nice the renovations were to this iconic building.  Originally opened in 1956, it was the first luxury hotel owned by Hilton in downtown Dallas at the time.  It hosted movie stars, entertainers, and presidents.  

In 2017, The Statler was renovated to a modern, contemporary hotel with a 1950’s touch, starting with the antique cars in the valet area as you arrive.  It now has 159 hotel rooms, apartments for lease, four restaurants, an exercise facility, ball room/meeting rooms and a pool/nightclub.

In the future they plan to add a live music venue.IMG_7374.JPGIMG_7373.JPGIMG_7418.JPGThe lobby is beautiful and has little 1950’s details, like an old mail slot and old telephone booths.IMG_7352.JPGIMG_7376.JPGIMG_7359.JPGWe took advantage of all of the restaurants.  A fifth is being finished as we speak, called Fine China, an Asian-themed restaurant.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy, Overeasy.  IMG_7342.JPGThey have a walk-up coffee/pastry bar and sit-down dining.  We went twice for brunch.IMG_7345.JPGIMG_7346.JPGIMG_7343.JPGOur server, the same both times, was very accommodating, especially with our large group.  fullsizeoutput_2e30.jpegI had the advocado toast the first go-around.fullsizeoutput_2e32.jpegRourke had the ham/egg/biscuit.  Both were delish!fullsizeoutput_2e33.jpegThe next time I had the Chilaquiles, which was beans, salsa, tortilla strips soaked in green chili sauce, topped with scrambled egg, cojita cheese and pico de Gallo.  It was pretty darn tasty.

Below are some other items our group ordered.fullsizeoutput_2e34.jpegEgg/potato/sausage hash.fullsizeoutput_2e35.jpegEggs with these herbed-fried potato nuggets, bacon, eggs, toast and hot chocolate.  Breakfast of champions right there!

fullsizeoutput_2e36.jpegThat’s fried macaroni, ya’ll!IMG_7474.JPGSmoked salmon on toast.IMG_7475.JPGFried chicken and biscuits.IMG_7476.JPGAvocado toast topped with eggs over easy.fullsizeoutput_2e46.jpegThere’s our motley crew!!:)

For evening, we met at the Scout restaurant, which is casual.  The best part about this place is they have a bowling area, ping pong, and foosball while a DJ plays.  It is a lot of fun.  IMG_7353.JPGIMG_7354.JPGIMG_7356.JPGIMG_7357.JPGIMG_7358.JPGIMG_7461.JPGIMG_7462.JPGWe had a lot of fun gathering here several nights.  IMG_7282.JPGBetween the lobby and Scout is this beautiful courtyard area that we also enjoyed.  IMG_7295.JPGIMG_7293.JPGThe property is pet-friendly, and while there, I think I fell in love and found my next pet breed.  IMG_7301.JPGCool side story on this piece of art above….one of the managers of the hotel told us that this piece was in the original hotel.  It is made from real gold.

After the hotel closed in 1990, one of the hotel’s janitors asked what would become of the gold piece.  The hotel did not know, so they gave it to him.

When the renovations were just about complete in 2017, someone asked where the gold piece was.  They hunted down the janitor and found the piece in his back yard, all weathered and gray.  They asked if they could have it back.  He apparently said yes!

They restored it to the beautiful condition it is in today.  And, by the way, it rotates!IMG_7421.JPGWe hit the pool at Waterproof day and night.  It is small but the rooftop view makes up for it!!!!!

Notice the llama.  Apparently a llama lived in the hotel at one time….so you see images of it here and there.  She apparently rubbed necks with Frank Sinatra and Tina Turner, among others.

Speaking of Tina Turner…in 1976, Tina Turner was scheduled to perform at The Statler, where she finally left her abusive husband, Ike Turner, for good.  She apparently snuck out the back with a Mobil credit card and 36 cents to her name and headed to the nearest Ramada Inn, which is now Hotel Lorenzo.IMG_7422.JPGIMG_7423.JPGIMG_7424.JPGWe thoroughly enjoyed lounging in our cabana most of the afternoon.  Momma needed this!!!IMG_7328.JPGWe enjoyed visiting with family at night while the kids swam.  So fun!!  The skyline lit up was also a bonus!IMG_7360.JPGFor a fun little diversion, we hit Bourbon & Banter, a speakeasy in the basement.  IMG_7361.JPGWhen you arrive, you come to a very unassuming barber shop and shoe shine???  IMG_7370.JPGIMG_7369.JPGBut, when you go into the phone booth inside and dial a certain number….IMG_7367.JPG

A secret door opens to a cool and happening place!!  I will leave it to your imagination.  Wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.  fullsizeoutput_2e26.jpegNow let’s talk about the rooms!  Here is the entrance to our bathroom.fullsizeoutput_2e27.jpegfullsizeoutput_2e2e.jpegSpeaking of this room,  TECHNOLOGY IN ABUNDANCE!!  Everything has a button.

FYI…I couldn’t get Rourke away from the drapes!  He kept opening and closing them with the buttons.  Something so little can make him so entertained, I tell you.

Most everything was either controlled by a button or the IPAD in the hotel room.

I loved, loved, loved the adjustable lighting button in the bathroom for makeup application.fullsizeoutput_2e29.jpegIn-house Nepresso coffee maker!!!fullsizeoutput_2e2a.jpegExtra seating!!fullsizeoutput_2e2b.jpegComfortable bed!fullsizeoutput_2e2c.jpegLarge TV and table for dining or putting your Whole Foods bag on…suits your fancy!fullsizeoutput_2e2d.jpegOur view from remote drapes, when they were opened, thank you, Rourke.IMG_7387.JPGSo when you are in Dallas or actually live in Dallas, look for the large sign atop the building in downtown.  Stop in for a bite or a drink and enjoy the beautiful facilities.  Or, if you are lucky enough, stay a night or two..  IMG_7340.JPG

P. S.  If you are a Hilton Honors member, you always get a special rate and points to boot.IMG_7341.JPG




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