The Fourth Entertaining Ideas


Here are some fun entertaining ideas for your next Fourth Fiesta!IMG_7848.JPGPre-wrap your silverware.  Add red, white and blue ribbon.  I used red grosgrain ribbon and fabric scraps I had.  Another idea would be to use red and/or blue bandanas for your napkins.  You can usually get them at a “dollar store” for next to nothing.IMG_7847.JPGPlace in a basket or utensil caddy, and your guests can just grab one and go to eatin’!IMG_7853.JPGFor a fun cocktail, serve “bomb pops” in a glass of champagne.  IMG_7851.JPGFor kids serve with lemon-lime soda.IMG_7855.JPGFor a festive appetizer, thread red and blue fruits with cubes of mozzarella.  IMG_7856.JPGThis is a fun way to get the kids involved and make different patterns.IMG_7842.JPGPlace mini flags in pots and planters. IMG_7843.JPGIMG_7844.JPGI found these flags in the bargain bin at Target.  They were 5 in a pack, too!

Along with some fun fireworks, bbq, blueberry/strawberry trifle, flavored water and/or homemade ice cream, you can have a fabulous Fourth with family and friends!



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