Crazy-good Condiments

fullsizeoutput_2ebcI have discovered some really, tasty condiments as of late!  I just had to share with you and also share how we have been using them.IMG_7497First off is this Tangerine Express IPA flavored peanut butter.  IPA as in beer IPA.  Yes!  Rourke and I lick the knife every time we enjoy this little jar of goodness! We love to smother our Ezekiel toast in the mornings with it and put sliced bananas on top.  What?? Beer for breakfast you ask?  Yes, with no buzz afterwards.  It just adds the sweetest, creamiest flavor to your regular, so-so nut butter.  Give it a try at have desperately been trying to avoid dairy and sugars/sweeteners.  It’s difficult, ya’ll.  Instead of my usual Truvia and half-n-half, I have been using this coconut cream and almond milk creamer.  It has only 1 gram of sugar and is low-calorie.  It is also carrageenan-free.  It comes in an unsweetened version, also.

IMG_7664.JPGIMG_7665.JPGNext on the list is this GochuJang hot and sweet chili sauce.  If you are a sriracha fan, then you will love this.  You can make a great aioli mixing with mayo.  You can add a touch to any Asian dish you are making to give it a little extra kick!  It is fermented, so it also has some gut-health benefits, too.IMG_7674.JPGIMG_7672.JPGIf you can get your hands on some Arbequina Extra Virgin Oil, you will love it!  It has a buttery taste that I use to drizzle over toast instead of butter.  Or, I will finish off a dish by drizzling a little on top.  Or, I also drizzle on top of my homemade hummus for extra flavor. I by this locally here and get discounted refills when I bring in my used bottles.IMG_7667.JPGLet’s talk salt!  I love using the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for cooking.  It has a milder flavor than regular salt.  But, it also has electrolytes and trace minerals for a healthier salt alternative.fullsizeoutput_2ebd.jpegNow for finishing a dish, I like using Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.  You just sprinkle over a grilled meat, bread or salad for a little extra salty crunch.  You have to be careful and factor in the salt you used cooking the dish before sprinkling on top.  IMG_7681.JPGI love adding adaptogen and antioxidant powders to our morning smoothies.  Their are three that I have discovered.  Most you can’t even tell that they are in there but this one above adds a nice warmness to the smoothie.  It is a Matcha Chai Latte blend of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon.  IMG_7689I also have been adding Spirulina to the smoothies for these benefits, along with being a vegan protein source.  One forewarning, it is blue in color and will make your smoothies a green or brown color.  But, don’t be dismayed, the taste is not compromised.IMG_7696.JPGI also have been putting Ashwagandha into our smoothies for these benefits.

One more spice I just ordered and have been experimenting with is Aleppo Pepper.  

I will hopefully update you soon on my new discoveries with this unique flavor!


What condiments are you loving lately?  Would love to hear!!




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