Locked And Loaded Ice Cubes

IMG_8733.JPGDo you want to elevate your next glass of lemonade or iced tea?  Or, even just your filtered water?  Try these ‘Locked And Loaded Ice Cubes!”IMG_8729.JPGIMG_8721.JPGStart with your Peak ice cube maker.IMG_8698.JPG“Load” with your favorite fruits, herbs, or edible flowers.IMG_8699IMG_8703.JPGRose petals…IMG_8705.JPGMint leaves….IMG_8710.JPGIMG_8711Lemon wedges….IMG_8713Lime wedges and strawberry slices!IMG_8717.JPGFill with water.  IMG_8720.JPGAnd “lock them down” by putting the lid on top.IMG_8722.JPGFreeze!! IMG_8727.JPGAnd you can add to any drink of your choice!!IMG_8735.JPGIMG_8736.JPGIMG_8738.JPGIMG_8737.JPGIMG_8731.JPGIMG_8732.JPG*Word to the wise….I would definitely drink the rose petal option with a straw, or as I learned from experience, you will get a mouthful of petals with every sip!

Have you tried anything similar?  If so, what herbs or fruits do you use?



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