Day-trippin’ In Watercolor

IMG_8624.JPGR and I decided to take a break from the beach on our recent vacation and explore another beachside community, Watercolor, for the day.

If you are unfamiliar with Hwy. 30-A on the coast of Florida, it is a beachside highway with one beach community after another, each offering a different style and architecture.  Last year, we explored Alys Beach, which you can see here.

IMG_8550.JPGWatercolor is the community just before the Seaside community if you are traveling east.  IMG_8551.JPGIt is located on Western Lake, which empties into the gulf.  There are tons of biking/hiking trails around the lake, as well as paddle board and kayak rentals.IMG_8622.JPGIMG_8657.JPGIMG_8577.JPGWe decided to rent bikes for a long bike ride, followed by a paddle board or kayak excursion on the lake.IMG_8578.JPGUnbeknownst to us, a company called Runsup has a 1 mile run/1 mile paddle board group fitness meeting each Friday.  Well, it happened to be a Friday, and all boats were rented out. You snooze, you lose, I guess.IMG_8581.JPGIMG_8580.JPGAs you can see from the Boat House pier, the paddle boards were ready for take off.IMG_8594.JPGSo off we went on a long bike ride.

(*Word on the street is that Drew Brees, quarterback for the Saints, has a home in Watercolor.  You better believe we had our eyes peeled for Number 9 himself!)IMG_8587.JPGThere are lots of cool bridges to explore along the trail with gorgeous views!IMG_8595.JPGIMG_8599.JPGIMG_8602.JPGIMG_8603.JPGThe houses along the trail are all adorable in there own individual way, boasting front porches with swings and screened-in porches.  Some with outdoor kitchens, pools and fireplaces.  I felt like such a voyeur, taking a small peek into each as we passed by.IMG_8570.JPGIMG_8608.JPGThere are an abundance of pools all around this 499-acre community.  IMG_8650.JPGIMG_8637.JPGIMG_8607.JPGThere are many parks and water features throughout the community, also.  Many featuring beautiful flowers for great photo ops!IMG_8610.JPGIMG_8568.JPGIMG_8572.JPGIMG_8575.JPGIMG_8658.JPGIMG_8659.JPGIMG_8579.JPGIMG_8576.JPGThere is a soccer field and tennis courts.  (We really had our eagle eyes out for D.B. at the tennis courts.  Apparently, he was an excellent tennis player before his football debut.)IMG_8616.JPGIMG_8617.JPGIMG_8615.JPGThere is a Publix on site, along with a variety of shops (including Barefoot Princess: a Lilly Pulitzer store) and restaurants.IMG_8559.JPGIMG_8560.JPGIMG_8561.JPGIMG_8564.JPGIMG_8565.JPGIMG_8566.JPGFor kids, there is Camp Watercolor, which is currently under construction.  But, boy when it’s done, looks amazing!IMG_8611.JPGIMG_8612.JPGIMG_8613.JPGFor accommodations, there are house and condo rentals and an inn.

Watercolor Inn is a hotel located directly on the gulf.  It has two pools, a spa, a fitness center and three restaurants, Fish Out of Water, WC Beach Grill and The Gathering Spot.  There is also in-room dining for those days you just want to veg.IMG_8555.JPGIMG_8630.JPGIMG_8656.JPGWe chose Fish Out of Water for lunch for its azure, gulf views!IMG_8628.JPGIMG_8634.JPGIMG_8636.JPGIMG_8639.JPGIMG_8643.JPGIMG_8642.JPGIMG_8641.JPGThe chefs have put their worldly, culinary spin on regular gulf fare.

Rourke ordered the shrimp tacos, and I ordered the shrimp po-boy.  We had to try the fried puffed wheat balls.  Very interesting!IMG_8644.JPGIMG_8645.JPGIMG_8646.JPGRourke and I both agreed that we both enjoyed our little get-away for the day.  Watercolor definitely has something to offer for all ages and interests.

Hopefully, next year we will be able to take advantage of the boating, too!



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