Lavish Libations Series: The Magical Unicorn (a beach collab with Hayley)

IMG_8353.JPGSo Hayley and I were brainstorming ideas for some fun beach drinks as of late.  We were wanting something portable, freezable, and yet tasty.

I was telling her that I keep seeing unicorns and rainbows everywhere.  Sure enough, when we arrived at the beach, all you saw were floating, ginormous unicorns in the water.

We also were like, why not an “adult Capri-Sun”???

So, we combined all of the above and had a blast finding stuff to make it.  Here’s what we came up with!!!

Featuring THE MAGICAL UNICORN!!fullsizeoutput_2ff5We ordered these bags from Amazon. It came in a pack of 50 with multi-colored “crazy straws” for around $14.

We went to Hobby Lobby and got stickers, clips, and ribbon.  Then we went to Party City for cocktail napkins and straws.

IMG_8334.JPGWe, of course, needed unicorn hats while making and drinking these.  We found them also at Hobby Lobby and Party City.  IMG_8338.JPGTo accompany our drinks, we made purple ice cubes and sprinkled edible gold and silver stars in them.  We just added blue food coloring to our Watermelon Lemonade and then froze them.  IMG_8345.JPGWe decorated our bags by putting stickers on the bag and clipping ribbon for a “mane.”

We added about 1 1/2 ounces plain vodka to the pouch, but you could add any flavor vodka or alcohol you wanted.  Then we topped it off with Watermelon Lemonade and our purple ice cubes. (You could also make these non-alcoholic by just deleting the alcohol.)

We then put our “horn” (aka straw) in and enjoyed!!

So fun!  And, tasty!

*A video will appear soon on Hayley’s vlog, showing the whole process. I will keep you updated!





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