Playroom to Guest Room: Finale

fullsizeoutput_3001.jpegfullsizeoutput_2fffIf you are behind and have missed the first three parts of this redux, you can catch up here, here, and here.  It has been a long process but so worth the wait.  I am so happy with every little detail.  I feel like guests will feel right at home in this little home away from home.

Due to the bad camera angles in the room, I decided to try a go at a video tour below….




Off to the next project! (Rourke sighing in the background.)



5 thoughts on “Playroom to Guest Room: Finale

  1. Thank you for showing all the steps in making this guest room so beautiful! I am struggling to put together two guest rooms. So far I have the walls painted, beds, nightstands, and linens. Next step is the window treatments. So many decisions! By the way, I have almost the same chair. It was my in-laws and is also in desperate need of reupholstering.


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