Eating On 30-A

fullsizeoutput_304f.jpegPeople are always asking me where our family likes to eat when we go to the beach on Highway 30-A in Florida.

We have been going to the same restaurants forever (close to twenty years now). Our go-to faves are the 2 for 1 Early Bird special at Cafe 30-A in Seacrest,  The Red Bar in Grayton Beach, Shades (formerly in Seaside but now at the intersection of 30-A and 98), Bud and Alley’s in Seaside and The Florida Fish House in Seacrest (which I will mention below).

But, I thought I would share some of favorites as of late.  Some more on the family-friendly side while some are on the adult-friendly side.

A word to the wise, I would recommend calling the restaurants in advance before going. Some of the restaurants, we found, change their reservations policies.

The Bay

If you are willing to travel 15 minutes back up Highway 331, you will discover a delightful, family-friendly restaurant right on the bay.IMG_8198.JPGfullsizeoutput_3048.jpegIMG_8204.JPGIMG_8260.JPGfullsizeoutput_304a.jpegIMG_8233.JPGIMG_8216.JPGIMG_8212.JPGIMG_8223.JPGEverything is locally source and is delicious.IMG_8229.JPGIMG_8234.JPGIt has a great beach to hang out on with corn hole and other kids’ play toys.IMG_8235.JPG

The Old Florida Fish House

Another family-friendly place, as I mentioned above, is The Old Florida Fish House.IMG_8481.JPGIMG_8479.JPGThey also have outdoor games for the family overlooking the Eastern Lake.IMG_8478.JPGIMG_8476.JPGThey have an excellent sushi bar and a regular menu with an Early Bird discount as well.  It pays to leave the beach early I guess.IMG_8487.JPGThat’s my dish of fried, yes fried, soft-shell crab and fried green tomatoes with jumbo lump crabmeat and a yummy sauce.  I also tried a cup of their seafood gumbo.  It was all very good!IMG_8488.JPGThey also have a stage with nightly live music that we will sometimes stay and dance our food calories away.  Not this night, even though I wish I did!IMG_8493.JPGThere is part of our beach peep set.  Some couldn’t make it this year :(. (Erin had to fly home early, so he also was not in the picture.)


For a great meal with a “Naughty and Nice” menu (aka fried vs. grilled), we like to go to George’s in Alys Beach.  They do not take reservations, so it is first come first serve.IMG_8663.JPGIMG_8662.JPGIMG_8661.JPG

We usually wait for our table next door at Neat for a pre-dinner cocktail.IMG_8399.JPGNeat has craft cocktails and a great wine list.  They also have an adjoining store to meet all of your bar cart needs or wants.

Crabby Steve’s

We like to take a walk down the beach for lunch at Crabby Steve’s.  If you are not staying at the High Pointe Resort, your only option is beach access.  We use this as an excuse to “walk off our lunch.”  It is just west of Rosemary Beach. There is no sign, so you might have to ask around.IMG_8362.JPGIMG_8363.JPGIMG_8364.JPGIMG_8366.JPGIMG_8372.JPGIMG_8373.JPGIt is a casual, outside dining option with great seafood choices as well as your basic grub and awesome ocean views.IMG_8387.JPGThat is a very yummy, crab-artichoke dip!IMG_8389.JPGGrilled chicken salad..IMG_8390.JPGFish-of-the-day grilled sandwich!



This is a rooftop bar/restaurant overlooking downtown Rosemary Beach.  You have to take an elevator to the top.  It is more or less adult-friendly.IMG_8429.JPGNot only does it have great views, especially during the Fourth of July fireworks show, but it has great wines, craft cocktails and menus.IMG_8430.JPGIMG_8436.JPG


IMG_8539.JPGHavana is located inside The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach.  It has a gorgeous inside dining area with a piano bar alongside an alfresco dining area overlooking the town area.  There is also a more casual upstairs bar/restaurant overlooking the pool area.  They also have craft cocktails, great wine selections and menus.IMG_8503.JPGIMG_8523.JPGIMG_8526.JPGIMG_8527.JPGIMG_8536.JPGIMG_8511.JPGIMG_8514.JPG

Do you have any beach favorites you would like to divulge?



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