Life Lately

IMG_9239.JPGIMG_9237.JPGI thought I would catch you up on things going on lately.  It has been pretty eventful with a lot of change going on…..Keeps things interesting!

I finally joined the bi-focal club!  I thought adjusting would be hard, but it hasn’t been too bad.

The lady at Target Optical had great advice.  Don’t look down when going up stairs.  Boy was she not kidding!!!

Our Smart TV finally got smart.  We upgraded our internet and now are joining the millions of you who actually enjoy Downton on the big screen!!!!  Why have we waited so long????

Okay, what I want to know is….do we emit a certain aura that screams “COME CRITTERS, COME ALL!”

Not only do we have a tree frog that lives behind our tv on the patio, who proceeds to LOUDLY call for a mate every morning and evening!

But, back on Good Friday, we were preparing the yard for guests. I moved the covered grill over to blow the patio, when I noticed a large, furry body under the grill cover.  I called for Rourke to come get this dead animal.

He came out donning long sleeves, gloves, a mask and goggles and had a shovel and trash bag in hand.  He asked me to come hold the bag.  I gave a big negatory on that.  So, when he lifted the grill cover, Rourke yells, “It’s ALIVE!”

It was THE LARGEST POSSUM WITH THE LONGEST tail I had ever seen, and it came running toward me.  I, of course, screamed many emergency words and ran as fast as I could.

He finally settled in the rose bushes for the night, but in the morning was gone.  Whew!IMG_6537There’s Mr. Cheevers himself.

So, Rourke and I do the yard on Saturday, no problem. Our guests started to arrive, one by one.

Around 2 o’clock, Auldon, Hayley’s boyfriend, comes to me and asks, “Ms. Melanie, did you know you have a bee hive in your front bushes?”  Confused, I said, “No.”

When we went outside, a HUGE beehive had definitely formed in the bushes.  Rourke saying his own emergency words, immediately called the Extension office.  They gave him the name of a bee keeper.

Well, let me tell you, when that cute little lady of a bee keeper arrived at our house, we had a little neighborhood viewing party going on.  She put on her white suit, got her smoker going, and got them into the white box she had brought.  She said she would leave the box overnight and let the rest of the foragers get into the box.  Luckily for us, she was Jewish, and she did not mind coming to get the box Easter Sunday.

After lunch Easter Sunday, we went outside to see if she had come to get the box, which she had not yet.  We noticed the bees had moved to the next-door neighbor’s  house and formed in his crepe myrtle.

We called the little lady, and she came out again.  She removed them, while we had another little viewing party.

Recently, she sent Rourke a picture of the bees settling into their new home.  Whew!IMG_6538

So, about 2 months ago, we get home from Dallas, and we are watering the plants.  We hear, “Meow.”

A feral mother cat had 2 kittens in our bushes.  What is the deal?

So, we’ve been feeding them daily, and we are kind of growing attached to them.  We’ve actually given them names, Mama Kitty, Ying and Yang.  They are quite the source of our entertainment… I know.  It doesn’t take much. (Yang, by the way, is a little on the adventurous side.  He reminds me of myself.  Ying, on the other hand, is a little on the cautious side, reminding me of Rourke.)

So that we don’t have twenty more cats on our hands, I have tried my darnedest to trap those little tricksters to get them spayed and neutered.

I give up!  I have been through so many cans of tuna fish, I tell ya!

I will keep you updated.  Wish us luck!IMG_9184.JPGMama Kitty


Above is Ying and Yang.  Below is the whole, hee-haw gang!IMG_9224.JPGBelow are the notorious traps!IMG_9089.JPGI recently totaled my car.  No one was hurt, thank goodness! So, I have a new ride.  I got an SUV.  After the crash, it messed with my psyche a little when it came to driving.  Rourke and I are looking forward to getting kayaks/paddle boards to hitch to it.  I like having more storage, too, like for above traps, for instance.

(We had THE BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER btw.  We used locally-owned Morgan Automotive car dealership!  It was quick and painless.  They were so accommodating, too!)IMG_9240.JPGIMG_9241.JPG

I have almost completed my “Group Fitness Certification.”  I am looking forward to start subbing  at local fitness clubs to get my sea legs.

Rourke has really been enjoying his job.  He doesn’t necessarily like all of the travel, but he has loved his new team and boss, along with a change of pace.

I have moved classrooms.  I really like my new space.  It opens out into a covered patio, which is great for a water table, trikes and easels!  Maybe even plants?? Or, a bird feeder???

Erin and Hayley have been traveling a lot for their work.  I always love hearing of their adventures, while I am here trying to capture feral cats with cans of tuna fish……IMG_6539.JPGIMG_6542

Rourke and I both have our 35th and 30th high school reunions coming up. (#wearegettingsoold) We are looking forward to catching up with our old gangs!  (I need a dress! Help!) (And Botox!) (And Lipo!) (And Cryosculpt!)

We got a new priest at our church!  Even though we miss our old one terribly, we love our new one!!!!

So, I think that’s pretty much it.  Anything exciting going on in your life lately?







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