48 Hours in Memphis: With ‘Que!!!

IMG_8999.JPGRourke and I had the opportunity to travel back to Memphis, and we were fully intent on diving into the BBQ scene.  I asked many locals their favorite joints, and many had their own favorites.  But, two establishments stood out across the board.  IMG_0132.JPG

We headed to the well-known Elvis Presley Boulevard and dove right into A & R Barbecue.

I forgot all about gluten, dairy, and sugar on this trip, ya’ll!  My mouth was having a full-on party!!

We had to take a glance at Elvis Presley’s house and the newer hotel housed next door.  IMG_0141.JPG

We then took a break from bbq and went to the Cooper/Young Street area.  It is so cute.  It has tons of shops and restaurants.  It has kind of a funky feel to it.IMG_8972.JPGIMG_8973.JPGIMG_8974.JPGIMG_8982.JPGIMG_8984.JPGIMG_8980.JPGIMG_8978.JPGFor lunch, we tried The Beauty Shop! It is a precious, restored old beauty shop, that apparently Priscilla Presley would get her locks done back in the day. The restaurant has received many accolades, and the chef is from Lafayette, Louisiana!!  I highly recommend you dining here if you are ever in Memphis.

After lunch, I headed to a Bikram Yoga class.  I thought “Bikram” stood for the proprietor’s name, but oh no!!!  It is a crazy-hot, like 110 degrees-hot, yoga class.  When first entering the studio, I immediately wondered why everyone was dressed in bathing suits?  I soon found out!!!!! #hotterthanhades

I don’t know if I am cut out for that business!!

Our next adventure in the ‘que world was in Germantown.  Germantown is a beautiful area of Memphis with several parks, lakes and rivers.

IMG_9023.JPGIMG_9018.JPGWe dined at The Commissary, another local favorite.  IMG_9019.JPGIMG_9022.JPGIt was delicious, but it is housed in a very small building and fills up fast.  We recommend you get there as early as possible to avoid the long wait.  It is that popular!!IMG_9015.JPGAcross the street is Southern Social, which is lot more formal than The Commissary. It is not bbq but fancy fare.  It also fills up fast, so we recommend, from experience, to make reservations.IMG_9016.JPGIMG_9017.JPGOne of the gorgeous parks in Germantown is Shelby Farms.  It offers horseback riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, zip lining, hiking and biking trails.

We decided to give our arteries another break from bbq one night and dine at the on-site restaurant in Shelby Farms, called The Kitchen.IMG_9025.JPGIMG_9029.JPGIMG_9030.JPGWe fortunately got a table al fresco, overlooking the lake.IMG_9052.JPGIMG_9058.JPGIMG_9059.JPGAs you can see from his face, we thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience here!IMG_9026.JPGIf you get a chance to visit Memphis, you will have to try some of these places out!




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