The Bar Cart Blues

fullsizeoutput_30f6fullsizeoutput_30f7fullsizeoutput_30f8fullsizeoutput_30f9fullsizeoutput_30faWell, I have been informed that my bar cart obsession is breaking the bank plus we are running out of cocktail napkin storage.  So, that said, I am saying adios to this series.

I will be still decorating the bar cart using what I already have (like I have done above), but will probably not be posting to the blog.

So here’s a look back before saying good-bye…….IMG_3270fullsizeoutput_1b84fullsizeoutput_1bedfullsizeoutput_1762fullsizeoutput_16a2fullsizeoutput_2f08fullsizeoutput_14a9fullsizeoutput_2219fullsizeoutput_11b3fullsizeoutput_22f8fullsizeoutput_e7ffullsizeoutput_2189fullsizeoutput_b35IMG_4229fullsizeoutput_26a3I will be brainstorming a new series to replace the bar cart one…. until then…(tears streaming)



Birthday Bar Cart Details:  birthday gift wrap//gold highball glasses//gold cocktail shaker//multicolored tassel garland//light box

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