fullsizeoutput_3133.jpegSquats!  They can really transform your lower body.  You can combine these squat variations to get a good workout in using your own body’s resistance and cardio moves.

This workout will work the entire leg and glute muscles plus much more! (To up the intensity of the workout, feel free to add ankle and /or hand weights.) (Go as fast or slow as you need or want.)

Let’s get started!  (Try to do 12 reps of each exercise.)

  1.  Squat with a lateral jump and burpeefullsizeoutput_3131.jpegPut your feet about hip-distance apart and do a squat.  fullsizeoutput_312e.jpegJump into a plank and then jump up.  fullsizeoutput_3137.jpegWith your feet together, hop over to your left.  (I used an object to jump over to help me.)fullsizeoutput_3139.jpeg Repeat this process on the other side.  This will be one rep.  fullsizeoutput_313d.jpeg
  2. Squat and reach with a leg liftfullsizeoutput_3145Do a squat with arms in the air.fullsizeoutput_3147Push yourself up lifting right leg.fullsizeoutput_312b.jpegSquat back down.fullsizeoutput_3149.jpegStand up and reach, lifting left leg.  This is one rep.
  3. Squat with side leg liftfullsizeoutput_314bSquat down.fullsizeoutput_314dStand lifting left leg.fullsizeoutput_314fRepeat on the right side.  This is one rep.  fullsizeoutput_3151
  4. Squat hopsfullsizeoutput_3153Squat down and jump up. This is one rep.  fullsizeoutput_3155.jpeg
  5. Squat with heel clicksfullsizeoutput_3177.jpegSquat down and jump up, clicking heels together.  This is one rep.  Continue doing 11 more.fullsizeoutput_3179
  6. Squat jumpsfullsizeoutput_315b.jpegSquat down and hop to your left.  Then hop to the back.  Then to the right.  And, finally up to where you started, making a square formation.  Try to keep a low squat the whole time.  This will be one rep.fullsizeoutput_315f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3161fullsizeoutput_3163.jpegfullsizeoutput_3165.jpeg
  7. Squat with a 180 degree turnfullsizeoutput_3167.jpegDo a wide squat.  Jump up and turn your body all the way around, landing back in your wide squat.fullsizeoutput_316b.jpegfullsizeoutput_316c.jpegfullsizeoutput_316d.jpegRepeat the exercise, turning all the way around again, back to where you started.  This will be one rep.fullsizeoutput_316dfullsizeoutput_316f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3175.jpegfullsizeoutput_3177.jpeg
  8. One-legged squatfullsizeoutput_31b0.jpegLift one leg and do 12 squats.  Keep your core tight for balance.fullsizeoutput_31b2Repeat on the other leg.
  9. Sumo Squat with torso twistfullsizeoutput_3181.jpegGet in a with squat with toes facing out.  While in squat, turn your torso to left and punch with arm across your body.  Repeat on other side.  This is one rep.fullsizeoutput_3187.jpegfullsizeoutput_318a.jpeg
  10. Plie squat with calf raisefullsizeoutput_318e.jpegDo a wide-legged squat with toes facing out.  Lift left heel and then right heel.  Now put the left heel down and then the right.  This is one rep.fullsizeoutput_3190.jpegfullsizeoutput_3192.jpegfullsizeoutput_3194.jpegfullsizeoutput_3198
  11. Wide-leg squat hopsfullsizeoutput_319aIn a wide-legged squat, hop up and down.  This is one rep.
  12. Curtsy squatfullsizeoutput_319c.jpegStep your right leg behind your left like you are curtsying.  Squat down. This is one rep.fullsizeoutput_319e.jpegRepeat on the other side.fullsizeoutput_31a2.jpegfullsizeoutput_31a4.jpeg
  13. Chair squat with a torso twistfullsizeoutput_31a8.jpegSquat down like you are sitting in a chair and twist your torso to the right.  Repeat on the other side.  This is one rep.fullsizeoutput_31a9.jpeg
  14. Squat holdfullsizeoutput_31aa.jpegGet into a wide-legged squat and hold as long as possible.  You do not have to do 12 of these.
  15. Back one-legged squatsfullsizeoutput_31c0.jpegLift your left leg back and squat down on your right.  This is one rep.  Repeat on the other side.

Workout Example:

Warm up for five minutes by running and/or jumping in place.

Do squats with burpee and lateral jump. (12 reps)

Do squat and reach with a leg lift. (12 reps)

Do Squats with side lift. (12 reps)

Do squat hops. (12 reps)

Do squats with heel clicks. (12 reps)

Do squat jumps. (12 reps)

Do squats with 180-degree turns. (12 reps)

Do one-legged squats. (12 reps on each side)

Do sumo squats with torso twist.  (12 reps)

Do plie squats with calf raises. (12 reps)

Do wide-leg squat hops. (12 reps)

Do curtsy squats. (12 reps)

Do chair squat with a torso twist. (12 reps)

Do a squat hold.

Do back one-legged squats. (12 reps)

*Challenge yourself to work up to doing this routine three rounds.

Cool down with marching or walking in place for five minutes.

Stretch well.

fullsizeoutput_31c6.jpegThat’s it!  Fifteen squat exercises working all around the leg, the gluteus, and the torso with cardio to boot!



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