What Hayley Bought Me at GOOP


Hayley knows how much I love GOOP!  Living in Dallas, she indulged me by shopping at the GOOP pop-up store for my birthday.

I was thrilled when she arrived with a G. bag in hand!!  Here’s what she got me…..fullsizeoutput_31effullsizeoutput_31f1fullsizeoutput_31f3

Her latest cookbook, SIGNED!!!  I LOVE her first cookbook and have yet to purchase this one.  And to think it’s signed by GP herself!  I can’t wait to dive into this one!fullsizeoutput_31f4fullsizeoutput_31f5fullsizeoutput_31f6 Ya’ll know I love my baths.  I have contemplated trying one of her new soaking salts.  So, when I opened this, I was ecstatic!  I tried it, and I felt like a new woman afterwards!fullsizeoutput_31f7fullsizeoutput_31f8fullsizeoutput_31f9fullsizeoutput_31fafullsizeoutput_31fbfullsizeoutput_31fdfullsizeoutput_31fe

I have been wanting to try one of these rose-quartz rollers for the face.  It does all of the above. I can’t wait to see what this can do after a night of chips and salsa!  I’ll keep you posted.fullsizeoutput_31fffullsizeoutput_3200fullsizeoutput_3201fullsizeoutput_3202fullsizeoutput_3204I have purchased these in the past.  These are powders that are full adaptogens and antioxidants.  I usually will put these in our smoothies in the mornings.  If Rourke has a big meeting, I will sprinkle in a “Power Dust.”  If I need some knowledge and wisdom for a difficult situation, I will sprinkle in a “Brain Dust.”

I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic, but it actually works.  In any case, they are healthy!!

Have you been to a GOOP pop-up? If so, what did you purchase?




Details:  Rose-quartz roller//Martini bath soak//Moon Dust powders//It’s All Easy cookbook

2 thoughts on “What Hayley Bought Me at GOOP

  1. Love everything!! I have the book, but mine is not signed! So jelly! I have tried the detox bath soaks! So heavenly! Please let us know what you think about the other products! You have a special daughter! Xo

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