A Trip Down Memory Lane


*This post is dedicated to my Cardinal classmates.

A little background history….. I was born in Baton Rouge.  We then moved several times growing up due to my father’s profession.  We have lived in Mississippi, Wisconsin and all over the state of Louisiana.  

When I was 15, we moved twice.  We moved from Mississippi to Wisconsin to Gheens, Louisiana.  Where is that you ask?  Let’s just say there is one road in and one road out.  It is located about 45 minutes southeast of Thibodaux, Louisiana. (cue the Amos Moses, please)

My father managed the very large, Golden Ranch sugar-cane plantation and duck-hunt leasing, among other things.  IMG_9761.JPGIt now has a new owner and is posted, as you can see here.

We recently had the opportunity to revisit this place I once called home.  My high school classmates and I celebrated our 30th reunion.  I wanted to show Rourke this place, while also filling my curiosity.

Due to the no trespassing sign, we were unable to see the house we lived in.   We did, however, see all the notorious wildlife, still prevalent today.IMG_9762.JPGIMG_9766.JPGThe town of Gheens is very, very small. It is has one post office and one store.  IMG_9772.JPGHere’s a little history above…IMG_9781.JPGWe checked into The Dansereau House for the night.  It is a beautiful home in the center of Thibodaux.  It is in walking distance of many great restaurants, shops and bars.IMG_9782.JPGIMG_9785.JPGIMG_9777.JPGIMG_9778.JPG

IMG_6672.JPGWe walked down the street to meet friends for dinner at Cinclare.  It was well worth the walk!IMG_6680.JPGIMG_6681.JPGIMG_6696.JPGIMG_6688IMG_6689.JPGIMG_6690IMG_6691.JPGIMG_6692IMG_6693Deliciousness!

The next morning after enjoying coffee on our porch, we checked out. IMG_9787.JPGWe then headed to see my alma mater, E. D. White, in Thibodaux.  IMG_9789.JPGIMG_9795.JPGIMG_9798.JPGIMG_9800.JPGI spent a lot of time on this field with track and field and cross country.

We then went to our friends’ very beautiful home to stay with them.  We just love spending time with these two and their two precious girls.  We just laugh and catch up, while eating good food and drinking good wine.  I wished that we lived closer.IMG_9801.JPGIMG_9802.JPGIMG_9807.JPGIMG_9805.JPGIMG_9809.JPGIMG_9803.JPGThe inside of this 100 year-old home is just as beautiful as the outside.

We all decided to head into New Orleans for lunch.  We headed to the Bayou St. John area.IMG_9810.JPGIMG_9811.JPGWe ate at the adorable, French cafe, Cafe Degas.IMG_9814.JPGIMG_9815.JPGIMG_9817.JPGI just ignored all of the gluten, dairy and calories I was consuming.  I wanted to really enjoy myself, and boy did I!!IMG_9818.JPGShrimp and grits that were out of this world for an appetizer.  Of course, we sopped up all the roux with French baguettes.IMG_9821.JPGI had the steamed mussels and pomme frites.IMG_9823.JPGRourke had the seafood quiche.  IMG_9825.JPGOur friends had crabmeat salad and seafood crepes.IMG_9826.JPGCreme brulee for dessert, of course.IMG_9829.JPGWow! So, so yummy!IMG_9835.JPGWe then headed across the street to get a charcuterie and wine for a light dinner before heading to the reunion.IMG_9830.JPGIMG_9831.JPGIMG_9833.JPGThis place has great wines and cheeses at reasonable prices.  We got to try some wines we wouldn’t usually buy at home.  You have got to check this place out!IMG_6737We got all dressed up and had a toast to 30 years before heading downtown to The Foundry venue for the reunion.fullsizeoutput_3283We had a BLAST  reuniting with old friends, catching up on everybody’s life.  We enjoyed a little dancing and photo ops, too!fullsizeoutput_3280.jpegIMG_6738Hopefully, we won’t all wait five more years to get together again.  But, as time has revealed, when we do all get together, we just pick up right where we left off!fullsizeoutput_32b4fullsizeoutput_32b3.jpeg(I’m in there somewhere, I think?)

Here’s to the class of ’88: it’s still great!



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