Beauty Counter Collaboration (With A Free Giveaway!)

fullsizeoutput_322b.jpegIf you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know I have been trying to go clean beauty, as well as clean living, over here. (Reasons to do a clean swap here…CLean Swap Guide) Well, when I met up with a fellow blogger, who is on the same page with me, and we decided to collaborate.

Her name is Leigh, and she has a new blog Greenville Green Guide.  It is all about living a green lifestyle in Greenville, North Carolina.  Cute name, huh?

Leigh also sells Beauty Counter beauty products.  Their products are all non-toxic and organic.

So, in collaboration with Leigh, I bought some Beauty Counter products to try.  And, I absolutely love them!  Especially knowing they are not harming my health!!!fullsizeoutput_321d.jpegFirst off, I bought the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen.  I have been using it for about two weeks now and love how it brightens my eye area.fullsizeoutput_3221.jpegI also bought the Illuminating Cream Highlighter in Pearl Glow.  I love adding bits of highlighter all over my face to add that extra shine. fullsizeoutput_3228.jpegAnd, lastly, I bought the Radiant All Over Bronzer in Dune.  I use this religiously to contour my face.

IMG_5512.jpgRight now Leigh and I are giving away 4 amazing Beauty Counter products all worth $150.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 6.06.35 PM.png

All you have to do is follow both of us on Instagram, like our post, and tag three of your friends.  You can do this @lavishlagniappe and @greenvillegreenguide.  We will be drawing on September 10.  So hop on board and let’s do this!

If you are interested in purchasing the products above, click on links below:




Stay tuned on Monday doing a five-minute video on how I get ready in the mornings, using the products I purchased.

Stay beautiful (and clean)!




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