Hairdresser Hacks


Christine is my follicle fairy, my roots ruler, my mane momma, my head’s of state, my consummate coiffeur, my hairstylist!  What can I say?  She is my jam!    

And, thank goodness I found her!   She’s been my hairdresser now for many years, and I covet our relationship, both personal and professional.

Not only is she very talented with some foils and a brush, but she is plays my monthly therapist, too.  She listens to all the stuff going on in my life, however boring it might be.  And, listens whole heartedly!

That all considering, she has some great advice and tips for us ladies out there that could spare some.

She was gracious enough to do a post with me and share her hairdresser hacks with ya’ll!

Enjoy!fullsizeoutput_33ad.jpegMy last visit’s before picture…

Tip #1:

Keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower.  After applying conditioner, comb through in the shower to prevent breakage.  This gets tangles out before getting out of shower.IMG_0204.JPG

Tip #2:

To prevent shedding in the shower and clogging the drain, brush your dry hair before getting in the shower.IMG_0223.JPGIMG_0227.JPGTip #3:

Apply dry shampoo or baby powder to your roots nightly to absorb oil.  Pat hair all over to help aid in absorption.IMG_0207.JPG

Tip #4:

When applying styling products, like mousse, voluminizer, etc., apply when hair is 50% to 75% dry.  This aids in absorption.

Same goes for a leave-in conditioner. The drier the hair, the better the absorption.  Therefore, better results.IMG_0215.JPGTip #5:

You should blow dry bangs curling backward with a large round brush.  See video below for an example.



IMG_0221.JPGMy latest visit’s after pic…..

I hope these tips help!

Stay beautiful!



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