Fall Getaway Packing List

IMG_0430.JPGWe have several getaways planned for this fall.  Rourke likes us to pack light.  And, I have to admit I kind of like and have embraced this idea.

I try to pack day-to-night outfits for the place we are visiting by combining 4-5 pieces that all pair well together.

So, here I have 4 pieces that I plan to take to Dallas when we visit the kids.  With Dallas being so urban and hip, I have adjusted the way I put them all together to fit the Big D atmosphere.

I plan to pack a plaid blazer, black turtleneck with puffy sleeve detail, red pleated midi skirt, and black-washed fringed jeans.

I am packing three accessories:  gold drop earrings, gold lariat necklace and black leather backpack.

I am also packing three pairs of shoes:  sneakers, white booties, and red booties.

Considering only adding a few socks, undies and toiletries, I am packing very light!!!

Check out my outfits!!!!IMG_0413.JPGIMG_0414.JPGfullsizeoutput_343dAbove is my day outfit for walking, shopping, exploring…IMG_0424.JPGIMG_0426.JPGIMG_0427.JPGIMG_0428.JPGAbove is my day-to-night look!IMG_0440.JPGIMG_0442.JPGIMG_0444.JPGIMG_0446.JPGIMG_0447.JPGAbove is my last look for brunch with family…

We are only planning to stay for 24 hours in Dallas, but….

If we decided to spend another night, I would just put my sneakers on instead of booties and a cute tee to switch out with the turtleneck with outfit above….

Are you planning any fall getaways?  If so, what are you planning to pack??



Outfit details:similar back pack//similar backpack on sale//white booties//red booties//lariat necklace//earrings//sneakers on sale//jeans//blazer //red midi skirt on sale now// black turtleneck 40% off now with code BIGSALE

(I am wearing XS in blazer, 0 in sweater and skirt, and 26 in jeans FYI.)

HPNOTD:  Hospital Staff Line Hallway to Honor Organ Donor



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