Lavish Libations Series: The Mystery Machine and Scooby snacks

fullsizeoutput_346f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3468Zoinks!! These meddling kids are at it again.  We are hopping in our “Mystery Machine,” making some Scooby snacks, and watching some Scooby-Doo and the Gang.

I grew up watching the cartoon and came to know all the characters.  This was back when cartoons only were shown on Saturday mornings.  With a touch of humor, this mystery show was always a favorite.

So, when the real life movie was filmed, I had to see it.  It definitely did not when the Oscar, but was entertaining all the same.

This Halloween, instead of watching something so scary I can’t sleep, we are watching a more family-friend Scooby-Doo 1 and 2.

First we need to make those Scooby snacks!fullsizeoutput_345e.jpegUsing mini Halloween cookie cutters and sliced cheese, I cut out some cheese shapes.fullsizeoutput_345f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3462.jpegfullsizeoutput_3464.jpeg(Helpful hint:  this works better if the cheese is cold). I then placed them onto crackers and served with black grapes!!fullsizeoutput_3467.jpeg

Next for “The Mystery Machine” cocktail:

fullsizeoutput_3469.jpegI cheated and bought the Rose’s Sour Apple Martini mixer. Along with vodka and Tang.  You could definitely make this a mocktail by avoiding the vodka.

fullsizeoutput_346b.jpegI squeezed lime juice along the rim of the martini glass.fullsizeoutput_346c.jpegI swirled the rim around in the Tang for garnish and color.

fullsizeoutput_346d.jpegI then filled a shaker with ice and added vodka and sour apple mix and shook.  I strained into the glass. I used equal parts vodka and sour apple mix.fullsizeoutput_3471.jpegA few Scooby facts:

Scooby (full name Scoobert) was shown on Saturday mornings on CBS starting in 1969.  It lasted two seasons and had 25 episodes.

In 1972, the series returned as The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

It then continued to be shown through more than 12 different series.

Scooby-Doo is based loosely on Abbott and Costello.

Frank Sinatra’s “shoo-bee-doo-bee-doo” in his song “Strangers in The Night” inspired the “Scooby-doo-be-doo.”

Casey Kasem was the voice of Shaggy from 1969-1997.  Kasem was a vegan and wanted Shaggy to be one, too.  When asked to voice Shaggy in a Burger King commercial, Kasem protested and quit the show.

Famous people have been voices on Scooby-Doo: Jodie Foster, the Harlem Globetrotters, and Don Knotts.

Scooby-Doo holds the record for most episodes of a cartoon comedy series.

Scooby-Doo, Where are you?




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