Doin’ It Up In Dallas

IMG_0521.JPGFor Fall Break, we decided to go over to Dallas to see the kids.  We started our 24-hour stint at the Katy Trail Ice House.  The whole gang met up for a late lunch, while we caught up, watched football, listened to some Jerry Jeff from their sound speaker and laughed a lot!IMG_0515.JPGIMG_0513.JPGIMG_0516.JPGIMG_0517.JPGOf course Pope, along with many other dogs, joined in on the occasion decked out for Halloween!IMG_0536.JPGIMG_0537.JPGIMG_0538.JPGIMG_0533.JPGIMG_0544.JPGIMG_0534.JPGWe dined on glorified pub grub and killer cocktails while observing our many canine companions.IMG_0545.JPGIMG_0541.JPGIMG_0539.JPGIMG_0546.JPGWe had a blast!IMG_0532.JPGIMG_0525.JPGIMG_0529.JPGStuffed to the gills, we hit the Katy Trail for a stroll to burn off some of these calories.IMG_0548.JPGIMG_0549.JPGErin and Tyler went their separate ways, while Hayley, Rourke, Auldon and I hit a vintage store in the design district for some really cool finds.IMG_0551.JPGIMG_0552.JPGIMG_0553.JPGJust check out the bar carts!!!!!IMG_0574.JPGIMG_0585.JPGIMG_0575.JPGAmong many other cool things!!IMG_0555.JPGIMG_0557.JPGIMG_0558.JPGIMG_0591.JPGLula B’s has 2 locations in Dallas.  You can follow them on Instagram where they post new inventory that you can purchase and have shipped to you.

We then parted ways and headed to check into our hotel before dinner and Bruno Mars….yes, I said BRUNO MARS!!!  (But wait, there’s a glitch.  Keep reading!)IMG_0605.JPGWith all of Rourke’s recent travels and with Marriott merging with Starwood Hotels, he has accumulated quite of few points.  So, we splurged with points and stayed at The Ritz-Carlton.   It is not only a gorgeous, full-service hotel but is centrally located (within walking distance of the American Airlines Center), houses a beautiful rooftop pool, fitness center, fine-dining restaurant and day spa.

Upon checking in,  Rourke was notified that our room was being upgraded.  We were pleasantly surprised.  Thinking we would have a few extra 100 square feet of space and maybe robes in the bathroom, we ventured to our room.  Ummmm….. I mean suite.  Cue the George and Weezy please!

Not only did we hit the jackpot with the room, but we happened to be on the SEVENTH Floor, which is Club Level.  I don’t care what it costs, Club Level is worth the price!!  It is 24 hours of food and beverage.

I’m not talking chips and salsa and warm beer, either.  I’m talking fine wines, champagne and premium liquors and caviar and smoked salmon. So, worth it.

We even skipped our dinner plans and took advantage of the offerings at Club Level.  It looked like Guns ‘N Roses stayed the night the next morning with all of the plates and glasses!IMG_0468.JPGSo off to BM we went, so giddy and excited!!! Enjoy a little snippet here.

Then the needle went off the record.

(I am full of sounds today!)

APPARENTLY, I bought the next night’s tickets by accident.  (Didn’t have my readers on again.) So, we were not allowed entry.  Heads between our tails we skipped back to our suite at The Ritz.

We ended up giving Hayley and Auldon the tickets, since we had to be back at work.  Maybe next time.

Waking up to rain and a cool 45 degrees, I took Rourke to the airport for a meeting, I met the kids at one of our favorite downtown locales, Forty Five Ten.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 8.42.29 PM


It is a high-end department store housing unique clothes, housewares, makeup and more.  We decided to eat at their restaurant, Mirador, on the top floor, since it was close to Erin’s work.  IMG_0614.JPGIMG_0615.JPGIMG_0616.JPGIMG_0617.JPGIMG_0620Even though it was a quick hour-long lunch, it was such a nice time spent with our precious children in a beautiful setting with delicious offerings.

Until next time Dallas!!  (In case you missed our fall trip to Dallas last year, you can view it here.)

FYI… Be looking for a post on Friday instead of Wednesday this week.



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