No Leftover Turkey Thighs

fullsizeoutput_36d1.jpegSo is everybody enjoying their Thanksgiving leftovers?

Except the ones on your own thighs, maybe?

I have a few moves to target the inner thigh stuffing area that is such a little gobbler!!

All you need is two heavy weights or  two cans of food if you don’t have access to weights. fullsizeoutput_36cf.jpegI will demonstrate through videos on how to perform each move.  You will want to aim for 2 sets of 16.  For some moves, you will hold and pulse and/or work lower/upper halves of legs. fullsizeoutput_36cb.jpeg

First off is a lateral lunge with an upright row.  You get a little bonus arm work with this move, too.  Try to lunge as far to the left/right as possible for more benefits.  Squeeze glutes as you bring legs together.


Next is a curtsy lunge.  Squeeze glutes as you rise with this one, too.  If you want to press weights up as you pull legs together, you can get some more extra arm work.


On to the next move… this one has added cardio.  It is called the plie pop.  You can go as fast or slow as you would like.  For extra intensity, try to alternate slow and fast speeds.


For the last move, the plie squat, you will do 16 full squats, 16 pulses, 16 top half squats, 16 top half pulses, 16 lower half squats, 16 lower half pulses, then end up with 16 full squats/16 pulses.  You will definitely feel these the next day, but they are very affective!

If you can repeat this for a second set, please go for it!!!!  Your inner thigh will thank you!


I have condensed the moves here to save time, but you’ll get the drift.

If you want to make this a full workout, add some cardio moves in-between each exercise, like jacks, sprints, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.

Let’s go do this!!!

If you try these exercises, please let me know your results!!!



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