12 Days Of Christmas Countdown

fullsizeoutput_372b.jpegWhen my kids were little, they would drive me crazy asking me how many more days until Christmas.  I kept saying “12 sleeps,”  “11 sleeps,”  “10 sleeps,” etc.

Here is a fun way to solve that dilemma.  Sure, you could just go get an advent calendar from your nearest retailer, or you could spend the same amount and customize it with your own touch.

And, how fun are these going to be to unwrap each day????fullsizeoutput_3711fullsizeoutput_3715.jpegStarting with 11 of these cube boxes and one smaller one, the wrapping paper and bow from Party City, I began to fill and wrap each one!fullsizeoutput_3723.jpegfullsizeoutput_3724.jpegfullsizeoutput_3725.jpegShopping for these fillings was half of the fun.  Of course, I have only adults in my tribe, so I got something we could all enjoy.  I brought 1 of each box along with me to make sure the items fit.

If you have pets and/or children, you could hit the bargain bin at Target for a lot of this.

I actually got all my “prizes” at World Market.fullsizeoutput_3716.jpegI got some holiday soap….fullsizeoutput_3718.jpegFixings for a mini-cheese board….fullsizeoutput_3719.jpegA variety of teas….fullsizeoutput_371a.jpegA candle…fullsizeoutput_371c.jpegHand and foot butter….fullsizeoutput_371fChristmas coffee..fullsizeoutput_371b.jpegChristmas chocolates….fullsizeoutput_3720.jpegSeveral ornaments….fullsizeoutput_371d.jpegSome new tools….fullsizeoutput_3721.jpegSome sparkling rose…..fullsizeoutput_371e.jpegAnd, for the very last one, I wanted to make it special, so I purchased some caviar.  We can enjoy it Christmas Eve after church!fullsizeoutput_3726.jpegIMG_1161.JPGI numbered each box.fullsizeoutput_3727.jpegStacked them like a Christmas tree.fullsizeoutput_3729.jpegTopped it with a bow…fullsizeoutput_372b.jpegI can’t wait until December 12 to start counting down our way to Christmas!!



HNOTD:  If You Send a Free Online Letter to Santa, Macy’s Will Donate Money to Cheer Sick Children

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