Great Gifts From Snakedog Woodworks

IMG_1067.JPGMy cousin, Nicholas, has started a woodworking business as a side gig to his real job.  After visiting his workshop recently, I was amazed of his talent and the quality of his work.

If you have a foodie in your family and/or are looking for a great custom-made gift, look no further.IMG_1068.JPGIMG_1063.JPGIMG_1064.JPGIMG_1065.JPGIMG_1082.JPGIMG_1081.JPGHe has butcher blocks of all sizes, shapes and woods.  He has charcuterie boards and pizza paddles (not pictured).

The butcher blocks are made from black walnut and hard maple. (That is not stain making the different colors, those are different types of wood!). The small ones are $35, the medium ones are $50 and the larger ones are $75.

The charcuterie boards are $35, wine bottle holders are $20 and the pizza paddles are $35.

For care, all these need are a coat mineral oil for the first use and then a coat of vegetable oil when needed.

IMG_1070.JPGFor larger projects, he is doing dining tables, coffee tables, and swings of all sizes.  He even does a bed swing!IMG_1071.JPGIMG_1076.JPGIMG_1059.JPGIMG_1077.JPGOr, he could probably do whatever you need or want!

IMG_1092.JPGIMG_1094.JPGfullsizeoutput_372dThere’s the handsome namesake right there!IMG_1085.JPGIMG_1087.JPGAnd there is Mr. Talented right there!

So, get your Christmas orders in now for great quality, reasonable gifts for your loved ones!

You can follow Nicholas Goudeau on Facebook or Instagram @snakedogwoodworks.

Or, you can contact him directly at (225)719-1811.


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