An Old-Fashioned with A Twist

fullsizeoutput_374c.jpegThe Christmas season calls for jingle bells and cocktails.  We have recreated a merry classic but with a jolly twist. fullsizeoutput_3751.jpeg

We started with a large ice cube mold to make our fancy ice cubes.fullsizeoutput_3759.jpegWe dropped one cherry and four shakes of bitters.fullsizeoutput_3755.jpegWe filled them with water and placed in the freezer until solid. fullsizeoutput_375e.jpegfullsizeoutput_375f.jpegThe reason we put flavoring into the cubes is to keep the flavors of the drink even after the ice melts.  Plus it looks pretty!IMG_1325.JPGWe placed a cube into an old-fashioned glass.fullsizeoutput_3745We then added 1 part simple syrup, 4 parts whiskey and 2-3 shakes of bitters to an ice-filled shaker.  We shook and strained into the glass.fullsizeoutput_3742.jpegfullsizeoutput_3744fullsizeoutput_3749.jpegWe then dropped in one cherry.fullsizeoutput_3746.jpegWe lit an orange peel and rubbed it around the edge of the glass.  We dropped it in the glass, too.fullsizeoutput_3747.jpegAnd, there you have one old-fashioned with a twist!fullsizeoutput_374f



Simple syrup

Angostura bitters

Maraschino cherries

Add a cherry and 4 shakes of bitters to each ice cube mold. Fill with water and freeze.

In an old-fashioned glass, add a cube. In a shaker, fill with ice and add 4 parts whiskey, 1 part simple syrup and 2-3 shakes of bitters. Shake and strain over ice cube.  Add a cherry.

Light an orange peel and blow it out.  Rub immediately around old-fashioned glass and drop in. Serve on a fun cocktail napkin and enjoy!




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