Feliz Navidad Sweater: Outfit Numero Uno

IMG_1383.JPGIMG_1386.JPGIMG_1382.JPGWe have several parties planned for this holiday season, some casual, some dressy and some in between.  Well, I wanted to order one top that I could dress several ways to get more bang for my buck.

I found this bling-adorned sweater, and I CAN’T WAIT to show you three different ways I am going to wear it.

This first look is my “in-between” look, not dressy yet not casual.  I paired it with plaid pencil pants, a white button down, red booties and pearl earrings.  IMG_1370.JPGIMG_1359IMG_1387.JPGIMG_1390.JPGIMG_1391.JPGIMG_1399.JPGIMG_1401.JPGIMG_1404.JPGBe looking for the next two outfits!!!



Outfit details:  Crewneck sweater with jewels (comes in 6 colors) go down a size//Martie slim crop pant in black watch stretch wool//Similar white button down// Reversible pearl earrings/Red booties


HNOTD:  Waitress With Special Needs Receives Huge Tip From Mystery Diner


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