Recap of 2018


Happy New Years!  Here is a recap of all things 2018 for our family and me.

Starting out, here is the New Year’s soup I made for “good luck.”

A New Year’s Day Menu: Creamy Sausage and Turnip Green Soup and Black-eye Pea Cornbread


fullsizeoutput_3935.jpegErin is still rocking it in Dallas….


Rourke is still rocking it in Shreveport…..


Hayley started a vlog….

Hayley’s Vlog

Hayley’s Vlog (Dallas Trip cont. and Christmas Makeup Tutorial)

I finished overhauling a guest room…

Playroom to Guest Room: Finale

I ended the monthly “bar cart” segment due to an overabundance of bar supplies and  an undersupply of storage….:(


The Bar Cart Blues

I got certified as a fitness instructor and am now employed teaching classes after teaching school during the day and then on weekends….


No Leftover Turkey Thighs

After You Watch the Ball Drop, Put It To Work!

We went from a two-person empty nest to a 3-4 person/two dog/two-three cat household….


Life Lately


We travelled to Dallas/Fort Worth, Pointe Clear, the beach, Little Rock, Memphis, Vegas and South Louisiana…..

Frolic in Forth Worth

48 Hours in Memphis: With No BBQ??!!

Dog Sitting In Dallas

Little Rock Rocks!

The Statler Hotel Dallas

A Stay At The Grand Hotel

Eating On 30-A

Our Tips and Recommendations for Traveling to Las Vegas

Doin’ It Up In Dallas

Tour de Tammany

Holiday Hoppin’ In Dallas

I cooked up mostly healthy dishes..

Mother Earth Recipe

A Tropical Smoothie!

Lo-cal Chicken Enchilada Soup

Homemade Lean Cuisines-First Segment

Homemade Lean Cuisines: Second Segment

And, some not-so-healthy dishes….

King Cake Cupcakes

Crawfish-Pumpkin Soup With Bleu-cheese Crostini

Slow-and-low Pork Ribs with a Peach-Pineapple Finishing Glaze

Mother’s Day Popovers with a Strawberry Compound Butter

And, found some new great, beauty products…

Lip Service

My Winter Skincare

Butter London Nail Tinted Moisturizer

Brightening with Bess

Color Street Nail Tips


Things I plan for the new year:

I am currently working on acquiring personal training and yoga certifications.  I hope to utilize these in the near future.

I am also trying to get more organized with money, household, pets, cleaning, etc.

I am attacking the InstantPot with a vengeance.  Along with the new Kitchenaid Spiralizer attachment Rourke gave me for Christmas.  Be on the lookout for some new recipes….

For travel, Rourke and I are trying to get out of our boxes and explore some new destinations but still revisit some of our favorites in a new light.

For beauty,  I am also going to try and get out of my box and try new looks, possibly a new shorter hairstyle?? Thoughts???

For decor, we have plans for new floors and a master bedroom redux.

For life in general, I am continually reminding myself how genuinely blessed I am, and daily thanking God for all of these many blessings.

And, I am aiming to try and read all of David’s Psalms and really reflect on them.

Do you have future plans and ideas for your 2019?

Best wishes for an abundant and blessed new year to you and your family!






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