Want to tighten and strengthen your core?  Want to improve your posture and stability?

Try these moves, using a mat, a smooth surface and 2 gliders or paper plates.  They will definitely get the job done!

Oblique Crunch:

move #1.gifLying on your back, place each hand on a glider at your sides.  Crunch up and slide side to side, attempting to touch each heel.  Attempt 32 reps slow, then double time for 16 reps.

Reverse Plank Extension:

move #2.gif

In a reverse plank position, place each foot on a glider.  Alternate extending each leg and then both legs together.  It’s very important to keep your hips lifted and shoulders stacked over wrists.  Attempt 32 full reps.

Military Crawl:

move #3

In a plank position, place feet on gliders.  Using forearms, pull and push yourself up and down a mat.  These are tough.  So start out trying 8 full up-and-down reps.  Work up to 16.

Plank Jack:

move #4.gif

In a plank position, place feet on gliders.  Open and close feet in jack formation.  Go slow for 16 reps and fast for 16 reps.

Extended Plank:

move #5.gif

In a plank position, place gliders under palms.  Alternate extending straight arms forward.  Try for 8 full reps.  Work up to 16 reps.  For an extra challenge.  try extending both arms out diagonally at the same time.

Oblique Slide:

move #6

Sitting on one side with knees bent, place outside hand on a glider and other hand to ears.  Extend the arm out and in for 16 reps.  Switch sides.  These target your obliques or the infamous “love handles.”

Plank to Knee Crunch:

move #7

In a plank position, place feet on gliders.  slide feet in and out, tucking knees in.  Try for 32 reps slow and 16 reps fast.

For a good core workout, try these “ABS-OLUTELY” great moves!



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