Pretty In Pink

IMG_2118.JPGRecently, I was reading up on trends for 2019 and came across GLITZY BOOTS!  Wait!  Back up!  I own those…..

So, I dug through the albatross that is my closet and found them.  I blew a big bad wolf huff-puff over them and dusted those babies off.

What to pair them with though?!  Well, denim is always a good choice with just about anything.  So, while in the albatross, I also found one of my fave staples, the denim skirt.

I went comfy-core with the look and added a pearl-studded sweatshirt.

I also saw where headbands were back again, so I donned a scarf disguised as a headband.

I accessorized with a pink bag and pearl earrings.



Have you checked out the new trends yet?  Apparently, tie-dye, neon, head-to-toe khaki and top-handled handbags are for 2019!

Let me head back now to clean the albatross, friends.  It has officially been deemed a safety hazard.



Outfit details:  Sweatshirt (sold out)//Similar//Similar//Similar/similar denim skirt (on sale)/Booties similar (on sale)//here//And here//Gucci bag//Earrings//Similar scarf//And here (splurge)

HNOTD:  Brother’s On Opposing NFL Teams Share Emotional Post Game Moment

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