Products With Staying Power

fullsizeoutput_3a65.jpegCommon scenario:   You’ve applied your makeup face for the day, and half-way through the day you get a glimpse of yourself in a mirror.  You are horrified at what you see!  Half of your makeup has DISAPPEARED!!  Plus, you have the rest of the day at work, a meeting after work and a dinner engagement.

What’s a girl to do???

Invest in some STAYING POWER!

Here I have some products that do just that.  And, even though you are spending a little more money on your beauty arsenal, you are actually coming up even by not having to reapply makeup 3 more times!

fullsizeoutput_3a68.jpegfullsizeoutput_3a77.jpegfullsizeoutput_3a78.jpegFirst and foremost, you must start with a clean face.  After applying moisturizer, the name of the game is PRIME, PRIME, PRIME!!!

Here are three primers:  Too Faced HangoveRx 3-in-1, MAC Prep + Prime Fix and NYX Angel Veil.

I personally like the MAC Fix and Too Faced HangoveRx the best, because not only can prime but you can also set your makeup with these.  And, here are ten other ways you can also use MAC Prep + Prime Fix.

The NYX Angel Veil has a matte finish.  It is especially great for oily skin.


Next, you need to prime your eyelids.  I like these two products by Chanel and Morphe.

fullsizeoutput_3a6f.jpegAfter applying makeup, you must set your makeup.  I like applying loose powder with a Beauty Blender, pressing the powder into the eyelids, all over the face, and on lips.  You must let is sit for a few minutes and then lightly dust off with a powder brush.fullsizeoutput_3a7aFor brows, after applying brow-shaping product, you can apply Benefit Gimme Brow to “glue” the product on brows.

For lips, apply liner, fill in lips with liner and apply a 24-hour lipstick.  I like this one by Maybelline.

fullsizeoutput_3a7b.jpegLast, apply a setting spray.  Again, you can use the Too Faced and MAC products shown above.  Or, Urban Decay All Nighter is great, too.

fullsizeoutput_3a7dSo, hopefully, with these products, your makeup will look the same at 10 p.m. as it did at 8 a.m.

Stay beautiful!



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