Nola Goes To School

fullsizeoutput_3aaa.jpegWell, welcome to some insight into Nola the Westie’s daily life…….

It is a busy, busy day!

She starts every morning headed off to school!  FYI, she loves her new, pink school kennel.  (She quickly outgrew her previous one.)


Lately, she’s had to bundle up in her hooded coat, due to cold weather and rain.  After getting out of the car. She does her “business” and then heads off to school!fullsizeoutput_3aaf.jpegShe is greeted by one of her “Westie besties,” Morgan, as soon as she enters the classroom.  She is given the royal treatment with lots of playtime and loving while her momma prepares the classroom.fullsizeoutput_3ab4.jpegfullsizeoutput_3aad.jpeg

After Morgan goes to class, Momma announces that “the children” will soon be here.fullsizeoutput_3aae.jpeg

She pauses and takes her position waiting patiently and listening for their voices.fullsizeoutput_3abb.jpegWith those full-on radar Yoda ears, she hears the children coming down the hall, and she starts heading toward the door, tail a-wagging.



Here is a little, live snippet….. THAT TAIL could power the International Space Station people!!! (Pardon the sideswipe to the red table, I was laughing so hard.)


Then she gets some play time with the children….fullsizeoutput_3acf.jpegShe then goes to her pink kennel (aka Pinkey) for some down time while the children have school.

After the children have a snack, they take her for a long walk.fullsizeoutput_3ad1.jpegIMG_2274.JPGIMG_2275.JPGIMG_2276.JPGThen it’s recess!!!56917557014__1d2fd0af-3d41-4965-8678-b684c21a2f8c

IMG_2280.JPGIMG_2284.JPGIMG_2285.JPGIMG_2291.JPGIMG_2292.JPGThen its back to the pink kennel (Pinkey) for some more downtime while the children have more schooling.fullsizeoutput_3ad8.jpegAfter lunch, it’s a game of chase with the children.IMG_2324.JPGIMG_2325.JPGShe comes in for a little grooming, which she really has come to like a lot.fullsizeoutput_3ad3.jpegfullsizeoutput_3ad5.jpegThen on most days, she goes down for a nap with the children……fullsizeoutput_3ad7.jpegBut on some days, she makes a cameo appearance on Patriot TV as our school’s “Patriot Pup.”IMG_2306.JPGIMG_2307.JPGIMG_2308.JPGIMG_2310.JPGIMG_2311.JPGAfter nap, she wakes all of the children up from their nap with some good kisses!fullsizeoutput_3ad9.jpegfullsizeoutput_3adc.jpegfullsizeoutput_3adf.jpegThen it’s back to Ole Pinkey during carpool and then to the car after another fine day at school. fullsizeoutput_3ae2.jpeg

One thing’s for sure, Nola LOVES SCHOOL!!!IMG_1022.JPGToodle-oo,


HNOTD:  Nickell Robey-Coleman Fined For Unflagged Hit


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