Boycott Bowl


A little back story…..

Nine years ago, the Saints Football team FINALLY made it to the Super Bowl.  I thought it would be fun to watch the Super Bowl in New Orleans instead of at home.  We are die-hard, used-to-wear-bags-over-our-heads, true Saints fans.

We wanted to be part of the city, when (fingers crossed), the Saints won the Super Bowl.  Well, THEY DID!!  And, WE WERE!

It was a jubilation celebration of Saintsnation in the Crescent City that night.  Rourke and I both vowed that if the Saints ever made it back to the Super Bowl again, we would definitely be a part of it in the Big Easy.

Fast forward nine years,  all of the stats, games, Brees-plays were aligned.  It was looking like we were headed to the “Big Dance.”  So, to be cautious, I booked us a room for Super Bowl weekend, knowing hotel rooms in New Orleans fill up fast.

Well, (in a whisper voice), the non-call happened.  And, like most Saints fans, (in a LOUD VOICE) were ticked!!!!

We did what any sane Saints fan (is that actually a thing?) would do, and joined the thousands to BOYCOTT THE BOWL!!!

They came out in droves, ya’ll!  I had chills when I saw all the fans, heard the “Who Dats” and saw how come Monday morning no one even knew who won the Super Bowl!!!  I had to even look it up!

So, I had to share with you a different kind of jubilation celebration of Saintsnation.


Here’s the “Toilet Bowl.”IMG_1135.JPG

Fans….IMG_1105.JPGNon-ref fans….IMG_1109.JPGNon-NFL fans….IMG_1096.JPGIMG_1094.JPG

Little fans…..IMG_1090.JPGBlind fans…IMG_1098.JPGAnd, Egyptian fans!

Nola was even representing with her “Wag dat” on!!IMG_1132.JPGThen the decorations!!!IMG_1121.JPGFans met in the streets in thousands, shouting “Who Dat,” and singing “Oh When the Saints.” (As well as many other songs!)IMG_1124.JPG


I was so proud of the city of New Orleans and Saints fans everywhere ( and from what I heard, other fans, too) boycotting an unfair system in need of a change.  And, turning a bad situation into such a good one!  Who Dat!

Did you boycott the “Bowl?”  What are your thoughts?



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