What I’m Loving Lately

IMG_2686.JPGHere are a few things I am loving lately that I have to share with you all….

Do you have hair issues like me when you are working out? Well, I love these fun headbands by Sweaty Bands.  They come in all kinds of fun designs, colors and sizes.  And, you can wear more than one at a time like I am doing here.  They keep your hair back while at the gym, and they don’t slip.  You just wash with water and let air dry. IMG_2689.JPGIMG_2673.jpgIMG_2677.jpg

Next, I am loving my Valentine’s presents Rourke got me.  They are not very romantic, but I don’t care.

Not only did he buy me a beautiful orchid, but he got me this Essenza Nepresso mini expresso maker.  I love how light it is and how easy it is to use.  There is no cleaning required like most large expresso makers.  I might just pack this on our next vacation. IMG_2728.JPGIMG_2733.JPGIMG_2730.JPG

Another gift Rourke got me was a new vacuum cleaner.  We have been Dyson fans for a while now.  He decided not to break the bank this time and researched finding the best bang for his buck.  He got me the Shark Navigator.  It’s light and has really great suction.  It’s easy to use and has a long arm to reach ceiling fans and blinds.  It also has several attachments. IMG_2744.JPGIMG_2743.JPGAs for Mardi Gras decor, I love this tea towel I found at a local boutique.  I love the glittery touch added.IMG_2748.jpgIMG_2750.jpgWe haven’t been watching many movies lately, because we have been OBSESSED with the Netflix show Peaky Blinders.  We breezed through the four seasons available and are anxiously awaiting season 5.PEAKY_BLINDERS_SEASON_FOUR_1000_a.jpg

And for reading,  I have done my fair share lately.  A couple of my latest faves are……IMG_2711.jpgWe Were the Lucky Ones is based on a true story told by one of the character’s granddaughters.  It is a story of a Polish, Jewish family’s fight for survival during WWII.  It supposedly is being made into a movie. IMG_2709.jpgEducated is a true story written by a daughter of a Mormon family that did not believe in sending their children to school nor the doctor.  It is a heavy story of her struggle to break free from her family’s beliefs and find her own way. IMG_2745.jpgPractical Meditation for Beginners is a self-help book for me to become more consistent with my meditation practices.  It takes you step-by-step to becoming a practicing, daily meditator, using different styles of meditation.IMG_2699Award-winning SaltFatAcidHeat is a descriptive how-to on cooking well.  It has really-cool, hand-drawn illustrations with great advice, from what kind and how much salt to use for any dish to how to combine flavors to make any ethnic dish.IMG_2703.jpgIMG_2704.jpgIMG_2708.jpgLast but not least, is Shaya.  My bestie gave me the signed version recently.  I read this all the way home from our last trip to New Orleans.  He tells a great autobiographical story while creating beautiful dishes with recipes included.

It is also one of our favorite restaurants in New Orleans.  I have already made his unbelievably, good hummus!IMG_2691.jpgIMG_2697.jpgIMG_2693.jpg

What are you loving lately?



HNOTD: “Extinct” Giant Tortoise Found After 100 Years

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