Don’t Throw In The Towel Workout


About a week ago, I introduced a new piece of equipment to my barre class….the towel!  The students looked quizzically and almost questionably at me, until I showed them some of these moves.  After doing them, they soon realized the towel is an effective workout tool.

Plus, you can find them to use at home or a hotel.  So, if you are stuck out of town without a workout facility, try these new moves. All you need is smooth floor surface.

Move #1:  Plank to Pushup to Plank Walk to Mountain Climber

(works abs and arms)IMG_3000.JPGStart in a plank position with feet on towel.IMG_3001.JPGPerform a pushup.IMG_3006Then walk your hands up four steps, pulling your feet behind you.IMG_3011.JPGIMG_3012Do four mountain climbers and then walk backwards with your hands to your starting point.  Do 16 full reps of these.

Move #2:  Knee Tuck

(works everything)

IMG_3021.JPGStart back into a plank with feet on towel.IMG_3022.JPGWith your knees together, tuck them to the right, bringing them to meet the right elbow.IMG_3024.JPGThen push your feet back to starting position.  Repeat on the left.  Do 16 full reps.

Move #3:  Oblique Bend

(works the side abs)


Get on one knee and extend the opposite leg to the side.  Hold the towel above head with arms in a “Y” formation.IMG_3037.JPGIMG_3039.JPGBend as far as you can to the bended knee side and rise back up. IMG_3041.JPGAnd return to starting position.  Do 32 reps and repeat on the other side.

Move #4:  Boat Pose Crunch

(works the upper and lower abs)


Start by sitting with knees bent and feet on floor.  Wrap towel around the lower thighs, holding end of towel in each hand.IMG_3053.JPGLift your feet and lean back with torso, pulling up on towel.IMG_3054.JPGPull knees toward chest while bringing torso toward knees simultaneously.IMG_3055.JPGLower legs and torso back toward the floor. This is one rep.  Do 16 reps trying to keep feet off of floor the whole duration.

Move #5:  Towel Tuck and Extend

(works the upper and lower abs)IMG_3058.JPGStart by sitting on floor and lifting feet off of ground.  Hold towel at chest.IMG_3059.JPGBring knees to chest as you bring the towel around feet and behind legs as you extend legs.IMG_3070.JPGNow bring knees back toward torso and you bring towel back around feet and to your chest where you started.IMG_3073.JPGThis is one rep.  Do 16 full reps.

Move #6:  V-sit

(works upper and lower abs)

IMG_3074.JPGStart lying down on your back with towel above your head in your hands. IMG_3075.JPGLift your arms and legs up to make a “V” formation with your body.IMG_3076.JPGIMG_3077.JPGThen return back to starting formation. IMG_3081This is one rep.  Do 16 full reps.

Move #7: One-Legged Deadlift

(works the hamstrings and the glutes)

IMG_3099.JPGStart by standing, holding towel out in front of you.IMG_3100.JPGWith abs and core tight, lift one leg up in the air behind you as you drive the towel down to the floor.IMG_3101.JPGIMG_3102.JPGThen come back to standing.  Do 16 full reps and then repeat on other side.

Move #8: Reverse Lunge

(works legs and glutes)IMG_3114.JPG

Start by standing and placing one foot on the towel.  Slide it backward, dropping the knee to the floor and bending the opposite leg.IMG_3116.JPGDrag foot back to the other foot.IMG_3117.JPGIMG_3119.JPGThis is one rep.  Do 16 full reps and then repeat on the other side.

Move #9:  Lateral Lunge

(works inner thighs and glutes)IMG_3120.JPGStart by standing and placing one foot on the towel.  Slide the towel foot out to the side as far as you can meanwhile bending the opposite leg.IMG_3121.JPGThen bring legs back together.IMG_3122.JPGIMG_3123.JPGThis is one rep.  Do 16 full reps and repeat on the other side.

Move #10:  Wide Skaters

(cardio, works legs)IMG_3142.JPG

Jump side to side the length of the towel, alternating feet and touching ground with opposite hand.IMG_3143.JPGIMG_3145.JPGDo this exercise for 1 minute.

Move #11:  Hop Over Run Around

(cardio, works legs)IMG_3149.JPGStarting at one end of the towel, hop the length of it and run around to your starting position.  Alternate sides running around.IMG_3151.JPGIMG_3152.JPGIMG_3153.JPGIMG_3154.JPGDo this exercise for  1 minute.

Move #12: Jumps Up and Back

(cardio, works legs)IMG_3160.JPGStart by standing on one side of the towel at the end.IMG_3161.JPGMake little jumps over the towel, left and right, while moving up to the top of the towel.IMG_3162.JPGIMG_3164.JPGThen the same jumps going backwards.IMG_3165.JPGDo this exercise for 1 minute.

Move #13:  Fast Feet

(cardio, works legs)IMG_3174.JPG

Starting at one end of the towel, run each foot over the towel and back while moving down the towel.IMG_3176.JPGIMG_3175.JPGIMG_3179.JPGThen do the same going back the other way.  Do this exercise for 1 minute.

Move #14:  Criss-cross Jacks

(cardio, works legs)IMG_3182.JPGStart at the end of the towel with legs apart. IMG_3183.JPGCriss-cross legs in the air and land with feet apart.  Do this up and down the length of the towel.IMG_3187.JPGDo this exercise for 1 minute.

So you can get a full-body workout with you and your towel in about 30 minutes!

Have you tried any of these moves before?  Would love to hear!



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