Low-Carb Enchiladas

fullsizeoutput_3cfd.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cfcI was reading recently where cabbage is the “new cauliflower”.  You know how cauli-rice and grilled cauliflower steaks were all the rage in 2018.  Well, move over cauliflower, cabbage is taking the stage.

I’ve always loved cabbage, and with the low price of cabbage, you can get very creative in how you prepare it.

I have also been one of those people who could eat Mexican seven days a week and never tire of it.

So I took one of my favorite dishes and substituted cabbage for tortillas.  And especially for those of you looking for keto or low-carb recipes, I give you these “cabbage enchiladas.”   You can have THE WHOLE ENCHILADA without feeling guilty.

I used lean ground beef and some veggies for the filling, but you could definitely substitute with chicken or even make it vegetarian, using corn and black beans.

fullsizeoutput_3ce7.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cef.jpegStarting with a head of cabbage, bring a pot of water to boil.  Using tongs, place a leaf of cabbage in the boiling water for 45 seconds and remove to a plate.  Continue this process until you have 8 boiled leaves.fullsizeoutput_3ce8.jpegIn a non-stick pan greased with non-stick spray, brown 1 pound of lean ground beef over medium heat.fullsizeoutput_3ceeAdd 1 small onion and red bell pepper that have been finely chopped.  Cook until soft.fullsizeoutput_3cec.jpegfullsizeoutput_3ced.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cf0.jpegAdd 1 minced clove of garlic and cook 1 more minute.  Add spices and enchilada sauce and start filling the cabbage leaves. Roll the cabbage leaves up like a burrito.fullsizeoutput_3ce9.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cf2.jpegPlace 1/2 cup enchilada sauce in the bottom of greased casserole dish.  Top with stuffed cabbages.fullsizeoutput_3cf3.jpegTop the cabbages with the remaining enchilada sauce and bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.fullsizeoutput_3cf6.jpegMeanwhile, while the enchiladas are baking, grate 1/2 pound Monterey Jack cheese.  Top the enchiladas with the cheese and back for 15 more minutes.fullsizeoutput_3cf7.jpegChop 1 tablespoon fresh cilantro.  Drizzle yogurt or sour cream over the top of the enchiladas.  Sprinkle cilantro over the top.fullsizeoutput_3cf8.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cf9.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cfa.jpegfullsizeoutput_3cfb.jpeg


(takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour)

Serves 4


1 pound lean ground beef

1 small onion, minced

1 red bell pepper, finely diced

1 clove of garlic, minced

non-stick spray

1 head of cabbage

salt to taste

1 tsp. chili powder

1 tsp. ground cumin

2 tsp. adobo sauce

1 tablespoon chopped, fresh cilantro

1/2 pound grated Monterey Jack cheese

2 cans red enchilada sauce

sour cream or yogurt for serving (optional)

Bring a large pot of water to boil.  Peel leaves of cabbage off of head (approx. 8). Using  tongs, drop one leaf in at a time into boiling water and let boil for 45 seconds. Using tongs again, pull out and place on a plate for later.  Continue until all 8 leaves are cooked.

In a non-stick skillet sprayed with non-stick spray, cook ground beef over medium heat.  Add peppers and onions and cook until soft.  Add garlic and cook for 1 minute more.  Add salt, chili powder, ground cumin, adobo sauce and 1/4 cup of enchilada sauce.  Stir well. Turn off heat.

Heat the oven to 350 degrees.  In a casserole dish sprayed with non-stick spray, pour the rest of the first can of enchilada sauce in the bottom.  Stuff each cabbage leaf with 1/4 ground beef mixture and roll, folding the ends in to the middle and rolling left to right.  (It’s okay it they don’t look perfect.) Place rolls into casserole dish and top with remaining enchilada sauce. Bake for 10 minutes.  Add cheese and bake 15 more minutes.  Drizzle with yogurt/sour cream and top with cilantro.  Two rolls makes 1 serving.


My taste-testers agreed that the tortillas were not missed at all.  They loved the flavors and meatiness of the dish, added to the fact that it was lower in carbs!

Here are some recipes to use with the remaining cabbage:

  1. Cabbage Steaks
  2. Apple and Cabbage Slaw with Feta
  3. Cheesy Sausage and Cabbage Casserole
  4. Edna Mae’s Escalloped Cabbage

Bon appetit!






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