Mom Jeans Outfit

fullsizeoutput_3d07.jpegI’ve been fighting the high-rise jean trend for some time now, trying to avoid the stigma.  You know, back in the ’90’s, we moms were wearing the “mom jean” and didn’t realize we were not being cool.  It wasn’t even a trend, lol!

But, now apparently it is.  After seeing Hayley and some other younger bloggers wearing them, I caved and thought I would give them a try.  And, the verdict is….

I love them! (Of course, they are cut way better this day and age.)fullsizeoutput_3d09.jpegfullsizeoutput_3d0b.jpegfullsizeoutput_3d0d.jpegfullsizeoutput_3d0f.jpeg

Tales from this shoot:

Of course, we all have those days when everything seems to be going awry.  Well, in this shoot above, it was “one of those days,” and my camera died right after a few pics!!!!  It was the only day my photographers (AKA Hayley or Rourke) could shoot the pics before rain set in again.  Oh, well, you get the picture or lack there of (literally).

So, I am going FULL ON DISCLOSURE here now for you…. Notice the mismatched earrings? Well, I had just bought some gorgeous, gold hoops from a local Stella & Dot representative.  After wearing them for the first time, I lost one.  I was soooo bummed, because I loved them so much.  Rourke said, “Well those lasted a whole five minutes!”

She ( the rep) happened to text me the next day to see if I liked the earrings, so I told her what happened.  She immediately ordered me a new pair!!!  Now, that is customer service!!!

They have yet to arrive in the mail at this writing.  But, I really wanted to wear them in this post, so I threw on a gold hoop from an old pair I had with my new S&D single hoop. I had planned to angle a certain way where you could just see the new hoop but from afar it would look like they were two of the same.

Buttttttt, since my camera died, I am going for the “mismatched earring trend” instead.;)

C’est la vie!

Thus said. the camera battery is on the charger and will be all night!

What are your thoughts on the mom, I mean, uh-hum, high-waisted jeans?



Outfit details:  Mom Jeans//Newer Gold Hoop Earrings//Tie blouse with pearl accents (on sale)//Pearl accent hair clips//Similar navy mules//Similar white leather handbag

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