Eco-friendly Dress


It’s Earth Day today, and I thought I would share with you this eco-friendly dress I just got.  It’s from Kate Hudson’s new organic, clothes line, HappyxNature.  And, that is, GET THIS, all under $100!!!!! Plus, you get free shipping and free returns with every order!!

Their line, from clothes tags to packaging to fabric, is all eco-aware.  Their skinny jeans are made using 2 recycled plastic bottles.  Their tags are made from eco-friendly fabric (i.e. no plastic.). Their shipping bags are bio-degradable and break down in 12-18 months. Their cotton line is made with organic and recycled fabrics.  You can be safe in knowing everything, including their factories, minimizes use of non-renewable resources.

How “green” are they??!!

And talk about cute!!! I want one of everything, PLEASE???

I had to choose just one thing, and boy was it hard.  But, trust me, I will be saving up for more, fo-sho!

With that said, I went with this Solar Dress.  I love all the details, like the trim around the sleeves, the ruffles (that have swing-value), and of course, the bow-tie in the front.  It does show some minimal midriff, but not enough to make me feel self-conscious.

I wore it first to eat crawfish (what was I thinking), but it stood the test.  I paired it with some simple slides.  I plan on wearing it to the beach later this year, ugh, barefooted.  But, here I went “Urban Cowboy Chic” with cowgirl boots and natural and gold accents.

I plan on wearing it with pops of color, of course.  I feel like I am going to get so much wear out of this dress!


Outfit details:  Solar Dress//earrings//similar hair pins//woven, circular bag//similar boots

Check out this adorable jumpsuit from the line. Or, this one.

And, how about this babydoll dress?

If you are looking for other eco-conscious clothing lines, here is a list:

Cienne New York

Amour Vert


Threads 4 Thought


Have you tried any of these lines?  What are your thoughts?



HNOTD:  70% of IKEA Products Made In 2018 Were Made From Renewable Resources


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