Yoga Poses for Pains

IMG_4105.JPGI have several requests each week at my fitness classes for stretches that help a certain pain or ache.  I find yoga stretches really help when it comes to a particular ache, especially if it is muscular.

Here are a few of my favorite stretches for the common complaints I hear about.

Calves:  Downward Facing Dog


Hamstrings and Glutes:  Any Kind of Forward Fold


Shoulders:  Thread the Needle


Entire Leg:  Sitting Forward Fold


Inner Thigh:  Revolving Triangle Pose


Torso:  Crescent Lunge with a Twist. (This also works triceps, simultaneously.)

IMG_4095.JPGIMG_4097.JPGIMG_4099.JPGHips:  Pigeon Pose IMG_4043.JPGIMG_4044.JPGIMG_4045.JPGIMG_4047.JPGIMG_4048.JPGLower Back:  Cat/Cow Poses

IMG_4065.JPGIMG_4066.JPGLower Back:  Cobra/Sphinx Poses

IMG_4061.JPGIMG_4063.JPGBack, Torso and Glutes:  Child’s Pose


I hope this helps your aches.  Besides, stretching every day prevents aches, too, remember!!IMG_4036.JPG

Do you have any stretches that work for you?



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