Hidden Gems Of SB

IMG_4208.JPGSince Hayley has been working at her new job, she has had the opportunity to discover some great places to shop or dine that maybe locals might not know about.  I thought it would be cool to showcase some of these places once a month in a “Hidden Gem” series here at the LL.

So, this month we are showcasing three places...C&C Electric, 318 Art & Garden, and Moor.

First stop, Moor.IMG_4147.JPGIMG_4146.JPGLocated in the back of Broadmoor Baptist Church off of Youree Drive in Shreveport, Moor Coffee Co houses a unique coffee shop with a very large, children’s indoor play area.  The play area, charging stations and free wi-fi are all free to patrons.

In the back of the play area is a party room.  The party room can be rented out for about $150 for 90 minutes.  Outside food and drink can be brought in to the rented room.  And, for about $100 more, you can use their large jumpee!

They are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., except for Sundays, 1-7 p.m.

This place perfect for those hot, summer days, and you need to tire the kids out!!IMG_4151.JPGIMG_4153.JPGIMG_4158.JPGIMG_4159.JPGIMG_4160.JPGIMG_4162.JPGIMG_4154.JPGIMG_4155.JPGIMG_4156.JPGIMG_4173.JPGAnd, not to mention, the coffee is delicious!!!

Next stop, 318 Art & Garden….


Located on Southfield Road behind Maxwell’s in Shreveport, 318 Art & Garden houses uniques gifts made only from Louisiana artisans.  You can purchase indoor plants, including make-your-own air plant terrariums. You can also find art exclusive to the artists and 318 Art & Garden, making it a unique, one-stop shopping location.

Monthly, they have special events, including classes for painting, writing, and terrarium-making.  All of these include wine and nibbles. To be included in these events, you can join their email list here.

IMG_4197.JPGIMG_4189.JPGIMG_4196.JPGIMG_4201.JPGIMG_4193.JPGIMG_4192.JPGIMG_4186.JPGIMG_4181.JPGIMG_4180.JPGIMG_4198.JPGSo if you are looking for that special gift found nowhere else in town, try 318 Art & Garden.

Last stop, C&C Electric…….

IMG_4202.JPGIMG_4207.JPGLocated on Line Avenue between King’s Highway and Olive Street in Shreveport, C&C Electric is chock-full of art, gifts, antiques and unique lighting.  Beware:  plan to spend at least an hour here.  There is so much to see.

IMG_4209.JPGAs you can see here, the antiques and lighting are amazing.IMG_4211.JPGA local coffee roaster brews coffee here, so you can drink a cup of Joe while you shop.  Every other Thursday, they showcase a local pastry chef and pair their confections with the distinctive coffees.  (The time we were there, Holy Angels had their cookies and tea towels on display.)IMG_4213.JPGFor art, the owner, Lauren Ross, houses her studio and famous works of art.  She teaches art classes twice a week to children in her studio, too.IMG_4214.JPGIMG_4215.JPGIMG_4216.JPGEach month, they also showcase a local artist. IMG_4223.JPGIMG_4224.JPGIMG_4225.JPGOf course, they have gifts for just anybody.IMG_4228.JPGIMG_4226.JPGIMG_4222.JPGIMG_4212.JPGTo the side of the building, Derek and Lauren house a “Creative Co-op” where artists rent there creative spaces to work and display their wares.  Guests can actually see and interact with the artists as they work.

IMG_4238.JPGIMG_4235.JPGIMG_4236.JPGHere you see Paige Powell’s space where she is hard at work creating graphic design and mixed media art.IMG_4231.JPGIMG_4233.JPGAbove you see Meghan Awalt’s talented floral and wedding designs.

There is so much to see at C&C Electric.  For an added bonus, if you need a lamp or light fixture repaired, they can do that, too!!!!

So please check out these “hidden gems” when you can!



HNOTD:  Street Art in Florence: Look at the Traffic Signs


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