My Main Squeeze: At The Beach


Here is the next installment of “My Main Squeeze.”  Since we vacationed at the beach, I thought I would share with you what Rourke usually wears while sitting in the sand.

He really has to watch his sun intake, so we try to find things that are UPF-included.  With this shirt and hat from Columbia, you get UPF-30 fabric that is waterproof and breathes.

The shirts come in a variety of colors.  He also has the white one just like it, which of course, goes with everything.  But when he wants the ladies to really see him come down the beach, he wears this watermelon one.

He is wearing 6-inch swim trunks from J.Crew along with his Reef flip-flops.  Need a beer opener?  There is one included right on the bottom of both of these flops.  Handy-dandy!

Of course, he has his favorite Ray-bans that are polarized.  Also, great for the beach when the sand is reflecting all that glorious sun.fullsizeoutput_40fe.jpegIMG_5037.JPGfullsizeoutput_4104.jpegIMG_5039.JPGfullsizeoutput_4102.jpegfullsizeoutput_4103.jpeg

Outfit details: shirt//hat//swim trunks//flip-flops//similar sunglasses



HNOTD:  Cuddling Can Help Wounds Heal Faster


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