Son Of A Beach Workout

IMG_5100.JPGIMG_5099.JPGIMG_5098.JPGGoing to the beach with family and friends over the years, Erin (his first degree was kinesiology btw) would give us all a serious workout once that week on the beach.  It was so intense, we called it “Son Of A Beach.”

We would be so hot and and nasty that we would immediately run into the ocean, clothes, shoes and all!

I thought I would give a few moves you could use on the beach or at the lake, if you are going, to give you a whole new kind of workout.

You could definitely do these same moves anywhere, but the sand gives this a whole other dynamic. You are working twice as hard while getting major core work throughout.

The object like most good workouts is to get your heart rate up and slow it down with resistance  moves.

First, warm up with a light jog or fast walk along the beach.  You could do this on wet sand and gradually move to the dry sand.  Dry sand is definitely harder to work through.

Go for about 5-10 minutes.

Then do 20 lunges (20 on each leg) across the sand, getting as low as you can.

Then do 20 plyometric lunge jumps.  Repeat these two above moves three times, alternating between them.

Bear crawls:  do 15 across the sand.  Remember to keep your butt down, low and hovered  over your knees.  These are tough!

Now for the broad jumps.  Try to do 10 jumps across the sand, jumping as far as you can each time.  Make sure you are starting in a low squat and then landing in a low squat.  Repeat these two above moves three times, alternating between them.

Now for a combination move:  pushup, shoulder taps in plank, plank walk and finally 5 plank jacks.  Do 10 of these moves.

Gallop side to side in a low squat.  Do 20 gallops right and then 20 gallops left. Try to get as low and as fast as you can.  Repeat these two above moves three times, alternating between them.

Follow all this up with either 15 minutes of a walk-run (preferably in the dry sand), 15 minutes of treading water, 15 minutes of paddle boarding, or 15 minutes of swimming your favorite stroke.

Remember to stretch well following your workout.



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