Pleated-Midi Skirt Outfit

IMG_5307.JPGI bought this skirt a while back and have yet to wear it.  Hayley and I were perusing my closet recently.  She asked me why I hadn’t worn this skirt.  I actually forgot about it.  I feel that I am constantly in workout clothes lately.  So, I decided to give it a whirl (literally).

But from Instagram to my favorite blogs, the midi skirt ain’t going nowhere!  In fact, it’s hotter than ever.

It is so versatile, taking you from casual to dressy in no time.  Plus, you can find them in all shades and lengths.

Here, though, I am in the combination of those two styles, with a dressy casual look.

I have paired it with a white tee and white accessories.  I feel I could wear this out to dinner with friends or maybe even out for cocktails.  Just keep me away from the barbecue sauce, please……IMG_5309.JPGIMG_5310.JPGIMG_5311.JPGIMG_5312.JPGIMG_5315.JPGIMG_5293.JPGIMG_5295.JPGIMG_5296.JPGIMG_5297.JPGDo you own a midi skirt?  How do you style it?

Pleated Midi Skirts:  From Nordstrom’s//From Amazon//From Target//From Neiman Marcus//From Dillard’s



My outfit details:  Pleated Midi Skirt//white tee (go up a size to tie in a knot)//earrings//similar necklace//shoes//clutch purse

HNOTD:  Army Soldier Reunites With Puppy He Rescued While In Syria


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