Casual Summer Outfit

fullsizeoutput_41da.jpegWell, if you have been following me on social media, you might have guessed we have been to a wedding followed by a funeral.  (Isn’t that a movie??) And, all within the very same family and set of people, give or take.  Where we could have all gotten on each other’s nerves, it was quite the opposite.  It was a culmination of mutual love and togetherness to get things done.

Where we had so much enjoyment being with family for an extended amount of time, we were all hit with a multitude of emotions.  And at times, we didn’t know if we were coming or going.  For our immediate family, a lot of the time, traveling from Shreveport to South Louisiana twice, we were just on auto-pilot.  And, I didn’t know, personally, if at any given moment, if I was going to have a melt-down or laugh my a** off.

Even sweet Nola had an intuition that I was going through something.  She would comfort me when she thought I was sad, and she would just sit quietly by my side and let me cry.

Given all that, TMI I am sure, we are all back on solid ground.  The renewal process has begun, and we are all finding our way.  But, if I am speaking out for all, we are all mentally and physically exhausted and are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.

With that said…..

So, I have here a summer casual outfit…rewind to forgetting our clothes on our family vacation.  I snagged these items from the outlet mall when we got to the beach.  I got so many requests from our beach pics for this top.  So, I thought I would do an official post with an outfit.

You could wear this to a picnic, movie, or patio gathering for sure.  I paired it with wedges, woven/wood accessories.


Thank you for all of your prayers and sweet words!



Outfit details:  raw-hemmed white denim skirt (go down a size) (on sale)//top (go down a size) (comes in three colors) (on sale)//woven bracelet//sunglasses (on sale)//earrings//similar tie wedges//bag

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